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Will Sons of the Forest Have Dedicated Servers?

Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the critically acclaimed survival horror game The Forest, has garnered immense attention from gamers and fans worldwide. One burning question on the minds of many players is whether the game will feature dedicated servers. 

In this article, we delve into this topic and explore whether Sons of the Forest will indeed have dedicated servers to enhance the multiplayer experience.

Explaining Whether Sons of the Forest Has Dedicated Servers

Sons of the Forest indeed features dedicated servers, although the implementation is unique compared to the traditional notion of dedicated servers. This functionality was introduced in Update 07, expanding the multiplayer options for players.

In the context of Sons of the Forest, dedicated servers allow players to create and manage their own server instances for multiplayer gameplay. 

Unlike conventional dedicated servers that are hosted and managed by the game developer or a third-party provider, players themselves take on the responsibility of setting up and running the dedicated server.

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So the answer to whether Sons of the Forest has dedicated servers is yes, it allows you to set up your own dedicated server.

Are There Dedicated Servers for Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest indeed introduced dedicated servers in Update 07. These dedicated servers, however, differ from traditional dedicated servers found in many multiplayer games. 

In this case, players have the opportunity to set up their own dedicated servers, but they require manual configuration before they can be accessed by other players. 

The game’s developers, Endnight Games, have provided a comprehensive guide on how to set up and manage these servers, which can be found on the official Steam page for the game.

Keep in mind that while these dedicated servers offer more stable and controlled multiplayer experiences compared to player-hosted sessions, they still need to be set up and managed by the players themselves. 

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This involves technical know-how and resources to host the server on your hardware or through a hosting service.

How to Set Up a Sons of the Forest Server

To set up a dedicated server for Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to install the Sons of the Forest Dedicated Server tool from your Steam library’s Tools section, configure server settings, potentially set up port forwarding, start the server, and then invite players to join. 

This option provides you with greater customization and control over the multiplayer experience.

Other ways to set up multiplayer sessions in Sons of the Forest, players can utilize peer-to-peer connections or third-party hosting solutions

Peer-to-Peer Connections

Setting up a peer-to-peer session is relatively straightforward. One player acts as the host and initiates the game, and others can join by sending or accepting an invitation. 

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While this method is accessible and requires no external hosting, it might result in less stable connections, particularly for players located far apart from each other.

Third-Party Hosting Solutions

Some online gaming platforms offer third-party hosting services for various games. Players can rent dedicated servers from these providers to host their Sons of the Forest sessions. 

While this option might incur additional costs, it typically provides better performance and increased control over server settings.


How do I rent a server on Sons of the Forest?

To rent a server in multiplayer games, developers often partner with third-party server hosting companies. Typically, players can rent servers with varying configurations, player slots, and durations.

To rent a server for Sons of the Forest, you might need to visit the official website of the game or the website of the developer (Endnight Games). There, you may find information about server rental options, pricing, and available features. 

Additionally, server rental providers usually have their own websites or platforms where you can choose and customize the server settings before renting.

Is Sons of the Forest peer-to-peer?

Son of the Forest offers players the option of both peer-to-peer multiplayer and dedicated server-based multiplayer experiences.

The “Peer to Peer” multiplayer option, accessible from the main menu of the game, enables players to engage in multiplayer gameplay with up to 8 friends. Within this mode, players have the choice to either host a game or join an existing one. 

This setup is convenient for smaller groups of friends looking to play together in a shared world.


In the recent update, Endnight Games introduced dedicated servers for “Sons of the Forest.” These servers are a significant addition to the game, offering players an alternative way to experience multiplayer gameplay [1]. 

Unlike traditional dedicated servers where players connect to a pre-established server infrastructure, setting up dedicated servers for Sons of the Forest involves a more involved process. However, players can still enjoy multiplayer sessions using peer-to-peer connections or explore third-party hosting solutions to enhance their gaming experience. 

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