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Get Ready to Coo and Cuddle: The Infant Update in Sims 4 Unveiled!

The Sims 4 players have long awaited the addition of Infants to the game, and the much-anticipated update is finally here! This new life stage brings many exciting features and gameplay possibilities, allowing players to interact with their Sim babies in a new way. 

This article will explore the Sims 4 Infant update’s essential features, the available customization options, and its impact on gameplay. Let’s dive into the world of parenthood in The Sims 4!

Sims 4 Infant Update Features

The Infant update introduces a range of new interactions previously unavailable in the game. Infants are no longer confined to their bassinets but are now fully functioning Sims capable of crawling, eating, babbling, and breastfeeding. 

This update makes the gameplay experience much more immersive, as players can now pick up, play, and bathe their Infant Sims. The update also brings visual and animation differences that distinguish Infants from Toddlers and Children, adding realism to the game.

Sims 4

Furthermore, a recent livestream provided insights into interacting with Infants, showcasing how adult Sims can interact with and care for their little ones. 

Sims can now ask others to mix their genetic material to create “Science Babies,” allowing for a diverse and inclusive approach to parenthood in the game. 

The ability to stand up or sit down while carrying an Infant, passing an Infant to another Sim, and using various feeding methods (including bottle and breastfeeding) are some of the exciting features players can now enjoy.

Customization Options

Players can fully customize their little ones in Create a Sim with the Infant update. Infants’ clothing assets include dress shirts, tuxedos, onesies, dresses, bucket hats, and helmets. 

Sims 4 taking infant out of crib

In addition, minute customization options such as teeth and birthmarks enable players to create unique and adorable Infants. The update also offers an array of different skin shades, eye colors, and more attributes, ensuring players can personalize their Sims regardless of age.

New Items Introduced

The Infant update brings a wide set of new items that enhance the baby care experience. Players can now furnish their nursery with new accessories, clothing, and hairstyles designed for Infants. 

Additionally, introducing stuffed animals and dolls adds to the realism and cuteness factor. 

Sensory Development Toys aid in the growth and development of Infants, while remarkable upgradable cribs and baby gate/playpen options provide convenient solutions for baby-proofing the home.

'Science Baby' Option

One of the most inclusive features of the Infant update is the ‘Science Baby’ option, which allows Sims to have a baby, regardless of their gender or sexuality through science. 

Sims 4 learning infant's traits

Science Babies arrive immediately, removing the waiting period typically associated with pregnancy. This addition ensures that players have the freedom to create diverse and unique family dynamics in The Sims 4.

Infant Traits

Players can choose from six different Traits for their Sim: Calm, Sunny, Wiggly, Intense, Sensitive, and Cautious. These Traits influence the behavior and interactions of the Infant, adding a layer of personality and uniqueness to each Sim.

Comparison with Growing Together Expansion

While the Infant update significantly improves the base game, players may notice some contrasts compared to the Growing Together expansion. 

The latter offers Infants a more in-depth development and growth process, including milestones like rolling over, grabbing toys, and crawling. However, the Infant update in the base game still offers an exciting and immersive gameplay experience.

Missing Features in Base Game Infants

Despite the comprehensive updates, the base game Infants may need some features in the Growing Together expansion. 

Sims 4 baby proofing house

Notable omissions include changing tables and back carriers, which are essential for realistic baby care. These missing features can impact gameplay and immersion for players who must purchase the expansion.

The Long-Awaited Update

The Sims 4 [1] Infant update marks a significant milestone in the game’s evolution. Finally, players can experience the joys and challenges of caring for Infants more interactively and realistically. 

The update offers a wealth of new content and gameplay possibilities that enhance the gaming experience.

Release Date and Changes in The Sims 4

The official release date for the Infants update was March 14, 2023. With this update, Infants are no longer mere objects but fully interactive and customizable Sims. The addition of ‘Science Babies’ provides players with more diverse family-building options.


The Sims 4 Infant update has brought a revolutionary change to the game, providing players with an immersive and engaging parenthood experience. From interacting with crawling and babbling Infants to choosing unique Traits and customization options, players can now witness the entire journey of babyhood in The Sims 4. 

While the base game update offers a wealth of exciting content, players may also consider exploring the additional features of the Growing Together expansion for a more comprehensive parenting experience. As The Sims 4 continues to evolve, players can look forward to even more exciting updates and additions in the future.

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