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Project Zomboid Server Restart — Your Quick Guide

If you are an avid fan of the survival-horror video game Project Zomboid, then you know that every now and then your server needs to be restarted. This guide will walk you through the process of restarting your Project Zomboid server:

How to Do a Project Zomboid Server Restart

What is the Importance of a Project Zomboid Server Restart?

Restarting your Project Zomboid server is an important part of maintaining the health and stability of your game. Restarting your server regularly helps to reduce lag [1], fix bugs, and improve overall performance. 

It also helps to ensure that your game is secure and free of any malicious software.

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Restarting your server also helps to keep your world fresh, adding new content and features as the developers update the game. 

Finally, restarting the server helps ensure that all players are on the same page. It also synchronizes all players to the same version of the game.


By restarting your Project Zomboid server, you can ensure that your game is running smoothly and securely. Restarting the server regularly helps to reduce issues and ensure that all players are on the same page. 

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