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How To Board Up Windows in Project Zomboid — Player’s Guide

Project Zomboid is a survival horror game that places players in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. One of the key mechanics in the game is the ability to board up windows, which is crucial for protecting oneself from zombie attacks and securing a safe space to rest and gather resources. 

In this article, we will tackle the different techniques and strategies for boarding up windows effectively in Project Zomboid.

What Are Barricades?

Barricades in Project Zomboid are obstacles that players can place in doorways and other openings to prevent zombies from entering a room or building. 

Barricades can be made from a variety of materials, including furniture, wooden planks, and metal sheets, and they can be reinforced with nails and other tools to make them more durable.

Barricades in Project Zomboid

Barricades serve as a crucial line of defense against zombies, as they can slow down or even stop their movement, giving players time to prepare for an attack or to find a way to escape.

They can also prevent zombies from detecting the player’s presence, as barricades can reduce noise levels and mask the player’s scent.

Gathering Materials

Barricading a window is one of the most effective methods for securing a building. To do a wooden barricade, players need to gather wooden planks, a hammer, nails, and a saw. 

It can also be from disassembling wooden furniture and collecting tools and materials from garages and other locations, and players can create sturdy barricades that will help keep them safe from the dangers of the zombie apocalypse.

How To Barricade A Window

It starts by removing the glass from the window and measuring its dimensions. Then, they can install hinges and latches if needed and secure the wooden planks to the window frame with nails. 

Windows with barricade

Finally, they should test the barricade to ensure it is sturdy and secure. By following these steps, players can create a sturdy barricade that can help them fend off zombie attacks and stay safe in the dangerous world of the zombie apocalypse.

How To Remove A Barricade

To remove wooden barricades in Project Zomboid, you can use either a hammer or a crowbar to remove the barricade planks quickly. 

On the other hand, metal barricades require a propane torch to be removed. When you remove a barricade, you can retrieve the metal sheets, bars, and wooden planks used to create it, but the nails used in the construction will be lost.

Why Should You Board Up Windows in Project Zomboid?

This is essential for survival in a world overrun by zombies. When the undead hordes are roaming the streets, players need to secure a safe space where they can rest, craft, and store their supplies without being attacked. 

Metal Barricades

Boarding up windows serves as a barrier that can prevent zombies from breaking in and attacking the player. It also reduces the noise level inside the shelter, which can attract more zombies if left unchecked.

Aside from that, having a home base also allows players to establish a routine, which can help them manage their character’s health and hunger more efficiently. For example, players can set up a garden to grow their own food and collect rainwater for drinking and washing.

Lastly, having a secure location in Project Zomboid [1] is essential not only for resting and replenishing your character’s energy but also for healing and rearming before heading out on more adventures.

Customizing Window Barricade

Players can customize their window barricades by using a different number of planks to create the barricade. 

The number of planks used can affect the barricade’s durability and how easy it is to remove. Using more planks to create the barricade can make it sturdier and more difficult for zombies to break through. 

Options to barricade windows

However, this can also make it harder to remove the barricade when needed. Using fewer planks may make it easier to remove the barricade but can also make it less effective in protecting the player from zombie attacks.


What are metal barricades?

In Project Zomboid, metal sheet barricades can provide excellent protection against zombies, but they have the disadvantage of preventing the player from seeing out of the window. To address this issue, players can use metal bars instead of metal sheets to create their barricades.


While it is technically possible to survive in Project Zomboid without boarding up windows, doing so can significantly increase a player’s chances of survival. 

In addition to providing security, boarded-up windows can also offer protection from the elements. Zombies in the game are attracted to noise, and boarded-up windows can prevent them from detecting the player inside, reducing the risk of an attack.

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