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How to Sleep in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a post-apocalyptic survival game developed by The Indie Stone. The game takes place in a fictional town in Kentucky, USA, which has been overrun by a zombie apocalypse. Besides fending off waves of zombies, gamers in Project Zomboid must also keep their protagonist in good mental and physical condition. 

The game’s health system places a premium on getting enough shut-eye, as the protagonist can’t function properly without being able to concentrate and do chores until later in the day. If you don’t get enough shut-eye, you can find yourself slower to react, less accurate with your weapons, and generally less effective.

On the other hand, napping is not as easy as tapping a button. Players will need to know how to put their characters to sleep and where they may do so. This article will tell you how to discover safe places to sleep and where to go in Project Zomboid.

Tips And Tricks On Sleeping in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, sleeping on the ground will kill your character, so find a comfortable chair to rest on. Couches and chairs are available in the game, but beds are best.

Found a room filled with chairs to sleep on

Make sure your character is tired, then go up to a piece of furniture and use the right mouse button to enter the sleep option. Unless interrupted by other players or harmed, your character will sleep until they are fully rested.

Bed condition may effect your character’s sleep. Injuries and loud noises can wake your character. Before sleeping, lock doors and draw blinds. Project Zomboid requires rest for your character’s health and function.

Why Can’t Your Character Sleep?

Sleeplessness in the game could be caused either because of pain or if the character isn’t tired enough. Unlike other games, players cannot control their character’s bedtime. Your character’s sleep routine will reflect their weariness.

Each rigorous activity will wear down your in-game persona. Fighting, running, or exercising can quickly deplete your character’s vitality and prevent them from sleeping. Consider your character’s fatigue while scheduling rest.

Using pillow to sleep

Finally, Project Zomboid’s sleep quality depends on your character’s fatigue. When playing physical activity-focused games, players must measure their characters’ tiredness levels to plan and rest them.

Usual Sleep Problems in Project Zomboid And How To Fix Them

There are a number of factors that could prevent your character from getting a good night’s rest in Project Zomboid.

Found a bed to sleep on

To ensure that their character in Project Zomboid stays healthy and well-rested, players must become familiar with the issues that can prevent their character from sleeping and take the appropriate measures to solve them.

Stages of Tired Moodle

A player’s fatigue level can significantly impact their character’s abilities and overall performance.

Drowsy: Fatigue is below 60%

A player becomes “Drowsy” when weary. This is like needing a nap. However, melee damage suffers a 50% status disadvantage. The player’s vision cone severely limits and stamina replenishment decreases.

Tired: Fatigue is below 70%

“Tired” characters in Project Zomboid have 20% melee damage, reduced vision, and endurance. To prevent “Very Tired,” where melee damage decreases to 10% and the character is vulnerable to attacks, finding a good area to rest is vital.

Sleep in project zomboid

Very Tired: Fatigue is below 80%

Sleep-deprived Project Zomboid players have 10% melee damage. While tired, your vision cone may constrict and your endurance will barely renew.

Ridiculously Tired: Fatigue is below 90%

If you let your character get “Ridiculously Exhausted,” they’ll be so tired they’ll be like zombies. Nonetheless, zombies can hurt. Sleep deprivation reduces melee damage to 5%. Beyond that, you will have no stamina replenishment and very limited eyesight and cognition. 

Sleep-deprived characters can’t play Project Zomboid. Get them a lovely bed or even an old couch to lie on or you will probably die.


Is it possible to sleep anywhere in Project Zomboid?

While it’s true that you can sleep on the ground in Project Zomboid, it’s not the most preferable option, and your character may choose to sleep on furniture like beds, sofas, or chairs, or in tents or vehicles. 

However, if your character is extremely tired, they may fall asleep on the bare floor. Therefore, finding a suitable piece of furniture to sleep on is recommended to ensure your character’s comfort and well-being in the game.

How do I wake up my character in Project Zomboid?

Players cannot choose an exact wake-up time for their character unless they set an alarm. This adds to the game’s realism [1], as the character will usually sleep until they have had enough rest, unless interrupted by loud noises or extreme temperatures.

Sleeping in car

What are the consequences of not sleeping in Project Zomboid?

Sleep deprivation reduces weapon damage and vision. In the game, you can’t die from lack of sleep, but sleep-deprived characters are more vulnerable to zombie assaults, so it’s important to get enough sleep.

How to get a good sleep in Project Zomboid?

It’s recommended to stay indoors behind boarded-up windows or pitch a tent in a zombie-free area if you must sleep outdoors. A high-quality bed is preferable for better fatigue recovery, while sleeping tablets and vitamins can aid in more restful sleep. 

In summary, choosing the right sleeping surface and location can greatly impact the character’s rest and well-being in the game.

Wrapping Up

To sum it all up, the physical and mental well-being of your character depends on getting enough rest. It’s essential to pick a suitable place to sleep, be it a comfortable bed indoors or a tent in a secure outside area. 

Keep an eye on your character’s fatigue level, give them some downtime when they need it, and maybe even prescribe some sleep aids like vitamins to help them get some shut-eye. Your character’s chances of surviving the game are improved if you give them a high priority on sleep and health care.

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