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How To Defeat Larry of Elite Four in Pokemon SV

As aspiring Pokemon trainers journey through the challenging Elite Four in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet world, they inevitably encounter the formidable Larry, a skilled and powerful opponent. To achieve victory against Larry and progress in the quest to become the Pokemon Champion, it is crucial to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his diverse team.

Here, we will explore Larry’s team and provide valuable insights into their vulnerabilities, offering you a strategic advantage in your battle against this formidable Elite Four member.

Defeating Larry of the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As trainers venture through the challenging Elite Four in the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they will inevitably face Larry, a formidable opponent known for his diverse team of powerful Pokemon.

To emerge victorious against Larry and progress towards becoming the Pokemon Champion, it is essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his team. 

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List of Larry's Team And Their Weaknesses

Larry's First Pokémon: Tropius

Larry’s team commences with Tropius, a dual-type Grass or Flying Pokemon. Tropius is known for its ability to fly and glide gracefully over terrains, but beneath its majestic exterior lies a weakness to certain types of moves.

Being a Grass-type, it is vulnerable to Fire, Ice, Flying, Poison, and Rock-type attacks. To capitalize on these weaknesses, consider deploying Pokemon with powerful Fire or Ice-type moves, such as Charizard with Flamethrower.

Larry's Second Pokémon: Staraptor

Staraptor takes the stage as Larry’s second Pokemon, boasting a combination of Normal and Flying types. This formidable creature possesses high attack power and speed, making it a challenging opponent. 

To counter Staraptor’s strengths, exploit its flying type weaknesses by employing Electric, Rock, or Ice-type moves. Pokemon like Jolteon with Thunderbolt, Tyranitar with Stone Edge, or Glaceon with Ice Fang can deal significant damage to Staraptor

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Larry's Third Pokémon: Altaria

Next in line is Altaria, a dual-type Dragon/Flying Pokemon that exudes elegance and grace. As a Dragon-type, Altaria is vulnerable to Ice and Dragon, Icee, Rock, and Fairy-type moves, which can exploit its weaknesses effectively. 

Utilize Pokemon like Frigibax with Ice Beam or Gardevoir with Moonblast to damage Altaria considerably. 

Beware, though, as Altaria can retaliate with powerful Dragon-type moves like Dragon Pulse or Dragon Dance, so having a resilient Fairy-type Pokemon like Florges or Sylveon can be advantageous in the battle.

Larry's Fourth Pokémon: Oricorio

Larry’s team incorporates diversity with Oricorio, a unique dual-type Flying/Electric Pokemon that comes in its unique forms, each with a different elemental affinity. The four different forms are Baile (Fire/Flying), Pom-Pom (Electric/Flying), Pa’u (Psychic/Flying), and Sensu (Ghost/Flying). 

Understanding which forms Oricorio assumes is critical in countering it effectively. For instance, if Oricorio takes the Baile form, it becomes susceptible to Rock, Electric, and Water-type moves. 

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Similarly, the Pom-Pom form can be targeted with Rock or Ice-type moves, the Pa’u form with Dark or Ghost-type moves, and the Sensu form with Dark or Ice-type moves. 

Selecting appropriate counter Pokemon based on Oricorio’s form will play a pivotal role in securing victory in this part of the battle.

Larry's Fifth Pokémon: Flamigo

Lastly, Larry’s team culminates with the enigmatic Flamigo, a Flying/Fighting-type Pokemon that packs a fiery punch. Consider employing Flying, Electric, Psychic, Ice, or Fairy-type moves to quench this fiery spirit. 

Pokemon like Magnezone with Thunderbolt, Delibird with Air Slash, or Raichu with Thunder can effectively exploit Flamigo’s weaknesses and turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

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Final Thoughts

In the quest to become the Pokemon Champion in Scarlet and Violet [1], overcoming the challenges posed by the Elite Four is a pivotal milestone. Among these formidable trainers, Larry stands tall with a diverse team of powerful Pokemon. By understanding the weaknesses of each member of Larry’s team, you can formulate a winning strategy and tip the scales in your favor.

Remember to exploit Tropius’s Grass/Flying vulnerabilities, counter Staraptor’s Normal/Flying strengths, target Altaria’s Dragon/Flying weaknesses, adapt to Oricorio’s diverse forms, and extinguish Flamigo’s fiery spirit with appropriate moves. With this knowledge, go forth confidently and claim victory against Larry, earning your rightful place as the Pokemon Champion of Scarlet and Violet.

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