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How to Get Masterwork Research: Wish Granted Quest in Pokémon GO + Obtaining Shiny Jirachi

Pokémon GO enthusiasts have been treated to a captivating quest called “Masterwork Research: Wish Granted.” This remarkable adventure allows players to add a dazzling shiny Jirachi to their prized Pokémon collection.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the steps, rewards, and strategies required to conquer this challenging journey. 

Masterwork Research: Wish Granted Quest Steps and Rewards

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This unique research quest unfolds over six engaging steps, each meticulously designed to challenge players and test their Pokémon-catching skills.

Below is a breakdown of the quest steps and the corresponding rewards:

Step 1: Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Exploration

To obtain the Gold Hoenn medal, players should have registered 90 different Pokemon from the Hoenn region.

Rewards: 10 Kyogre candy, 10 Groudon candy, and 10 Rayquaza candy

Step 2: Buddy Bonding

Rewards: 3850 XP and 3 Rare Candies

Step 3: Rare Encounters

Rewards: 3850 XP and 3 Rare Candies

Step 4: Trade and Excellence

Rewards: 3850 XP and 3 Rare Candies

Step 5: Pokémon Mastery

Rewards: 3850 XP, 3850 Stardust, a Shiny Jirachi Pokémon encounter

Step 6: Claiming the Wish

Rewards: 3850 XP, 3850 Stardust, and 20 Jirachi Candy

Tips for Successful Completion

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To triumph over the challenges posed by the Masterwork Research: Wish Granted quest, here are a few effective strategies to keep in mind:

Optimize Your Pokémon Catching

As the first step demands catching a substantial number of Pokémon, employ tools like Daily Adventure Incense, Lure Modules, and regular Incense [1] to increase your encounter rate.

Chase the Gold Hoenn Medal

Trade with other players for your missing Gen 3 Pokémon and utilize Remote Raid Passes during legendary raids to help you attain the coveted gold Hoenn medal.

Event-Specific Quest Differences

Players who attended the Go Tour: Hoenn Las Vegas event might experience variations in quest progression and shiny Jirachi encounters. This is crucial to bear in mind for those who attended the event.

How Masterwork Research Works

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The Masterwork Research

Wish Granted quest represents the third installment of the Masterwork Research series in Pokémon GO. Unlike its predecessors, this quest is purchasable as a standalone ticket, not contingent on participating in a Go Tour event. 

Tickets for this quest were available for £4.99 or $4.99 or the equivalent local price until last March 20, 2023. These nonrefundable tickets could not be bought using PokéCoins.

Upon purchasing the quest ticket, players are granted access to the Masterwork Research quest and can progress through it at their own pace, as it lacks a specific deadline.

How Long is the Masterwork Research Wish Granted?

The “Masterwork Research: Wish Granted” in Pokémon GO is available as a ticketed piece of research in the in-game shop. Once purchased, there is no time limit for completing this research. 

This means that players who buy the Masterwork Research can take as much time as they need to complete it after purchasing, and there is no specific deadline or expiration date for its completion.

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It’s great that Niantic provides flexibility for players to complete this research at their own pace. Just keep in mind that game features and events can change


“Masterwork Research: Wish Granted” offered Pokémon GO players an immersive adventure to secure the coveted shiny Jirachi. Through six engaging quest steps, players navigated challenges, harnessed strategies, and earned unique rewards.

While the quest was available for purchase only until March 20, 2023, the experience undoubtedly added to the excitement of the Pokémon GO universe. As the world of Pokémon evolves, watch for similar engaging quests that captivate and challenge trainers of all levels.

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