Druddigon Solo Raid (3 star) with Togekiss & Shadow Gardevoir Pokemon

Cracking the Code: Unveiling Druddigon Weaknesses in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO enthusiasts are no strangers to the thrill of battling formidable creatures in raids, and one such creature that has been making regular appearances is Druddigon. 

With its imposing presence and powerful attacks, Druddigon challenges trainers looking to conquer the raids. This guide aims to shed light on Druddigon’s weaknesses and provide insights into the best counters to help you emerge victorious in these battles!

Druddigon's Return to Raids

In the vibrant world of Pokémon GO, Druddigon emerges as a captivating and enigmatic presence. As a Dragon-type Pokémon, Druddigon boasts a unique combination of traits that captivate and challenge aspiring trainers. 

Originating from the Unova region, Druddigon made its dazzling debut in the realm of Pokémon GO in December 2021 through its recurring appearances in 3-Star Raids. It instantly left a mark with its distinctive appearance and formidable abilities.

Known for its distinctive red color and ornate features, Druddigon commands attention wherever it appears. Its pure Dragon typing imbues it with strengths and weaknesses that set the stage for thrilling battles. 

Druddigon POKEMON GO

As the world of Pokémon GO continues to evolve, Druddigon remains a steadfast presence, offering both seasoned and novice trainers a chance to engage with one of the most captivating Dragon types in the game.

Its return to raids offers trainers a chance to test their skills and teamwork while reaping enticing rewards. Understanding Druddigon’s vulnerabilities is crucial for trainers seeking to conquer this majestic creature in raids and battles.

Understanding Druddigon's Weaknesses

At its core, Druddigon is a pure Dragon-type Pokémon, which gives it a set of strengths and weaknesses that players can exploit. This knowledge forms the foundation of your battle strategy. Druddigon is susceptible to certain types of attacks that deal extra damage. 

Here’s a list of Druddigon’s weaknesses in Pokémon GO:

Fairy-Type Attacks

Fairy-type attacks in Pokémon GO are a unique category of moves possessing specific characteristics, advantages, and interactions within battles. The Fairy type brought a new layer of strategic depth to battles by introducing strengths and weaknesses against others.

Fairy-Type Pokemon

Fairy-type attacks are super effective against Dragon-type Pokémon and Dark-type Pokémon. It is a critical advantage, especially against Dragon-types. Dragon types are often considered powerful due to their offensive capabilities.

Fairy-type moves like “Dazzling Gleam” and “Play Rough” offer solid damage output and coverage against specific types. Pokémon with dual types, including Fairy, can use these moves to deal with their weaknesses.

Fairy-type Pokémon are resistant to Bug-type and Dark-type moves. On the flip side, they are weak to Steel-type and Poison-type attacks. This resistance creates a dynamic balance of strengths and vulnerabilities.

The inclusion of Fairy-types in your battle team can counterbalance the dominance of Dragons and coverage against Dark-types. Fairy-type attacks have a notable impact in Player versus Player (PvP) battles [1], where they can turn the tide, adding an extra layer of strategic depth.

Ice-Type Attacks

Ice-type attacks in Pokémon GO play a significant role in battles, offering unique strengths, weaknesses, and interactions that can influence the outcome of battles. Ice-type attacks are super effective against two main types: Dragon and Ground. 

Ice-type attacks provide coverage against the types that are weak to them. For instance, Dragons like Druddigon are often considered powerful, and Ice-type attacks are one of the few types that can exploit their weakness. 

Ice-type Pokémon are resistant to Ice-type attacks themselves. However, Ice-type Pokémon are vulnerable to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel-type attacks. While Ice-type can be powerful, it should be deployed carefully.

Common Ice-type moves in Pokémon GO include “Ice Shard” and “Powder Snow” as fast moves and “Avalanche” as a charged move. These moves often have a good energy generation rate and deal respectable damage, making them valuable in raids and PvP battles.

Ice-type attacks are advantageous in Player versus Environment (PvE) and PvP battles. The use of Ice-type attackers is commonly for their ability to defeat powerful Dragon-type raid bosses. 

Dragon-Type Attacks

In Pokémon GO, Dragon-type attacks play a crucial role in battles due to their unique strengths, resistances, and vulnerabilities. Dragon-type attacks are super effective against other Dragon-types, making them essential in Dragon mirror matchups to deal maximum damage.

Dragon-type attacks provide coverage against other Dragon-types. It also affects the types that are weak to Dragons, including Grass, Bug, and Fighting. This coverage can be strategically advantageous when building a battle team to counter various opponents.

Dragon-type Pokémon are resistant to Water, Electric, Grass, and Bug-type attacks. On the flip side, they are vulnerable to the same type of Dragon, Ice, and Fairy-type attacks. This resistance profile gives it an edge against certain types while exposing them to specific weaknesses.

Notable Dragon-type moves in Pokémon GO include “Dragon Breath” and “Dragon Tail” as fast moves and “Outrage” and “Draco Meteor” as charged moves. These moves often have solid damage output and energy generation, making them effective in raids and PvP battles.

Dragon-type attacks are advantageous in Player versus Player (PvP) battles. They can catch opponents off guard. However, the susceptibility to Fairy and Ice-type moves in PvP means strategic switching and timing are crucial when using Dragon-type attackers.

Druddigon’s Weaknesses in a Nutshell

By understanding these weaknesses and leveraging Pokémon with Fairy, Ice, or Dragon-type moves, trainers can effectively counter Druddigon in battles and increase their chances of victory in Pokémon GO raids.

pokemon go druddigon weakness

In other words, Fairy, Ice, and Dragon-type attacks have proven to be particularly effective against Druddigon. These vulnerabilities provide a strategic advantage, allowing you to deal substantial damage and tip the scales in your favor. 

Investing TMs, Candy, and Stardust into Pokémon adept in these attacks is a wise long-term move, enhancing your roster’s potential.

Counters for Druddigon in Pokémon GO

Armed with the understanding of Druddigon’s weaknesses, it’s time to assemble a team of skilled counters to withstand its onslaught. Consider the following lineup of recommended counters:


With Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor in its arsenal, Dialga is a top-tier choice for taking down Druddigon.


Featuring Snarl and Play Rough, Zacian is a potent counter that can swiftly diminish Druddigon’s HP.



Dragon Breath and Outrage make Dragonite an excellent candidate to include in your raid party.

Galarian Darmanitan

Ice Fang and Avalanche grant Galarian Darmanitan the power to exploit Druddigon’s weaknesses.


With Powder Snow and Avalanche, Mamoswine is an indispensable part of your Druddigon raid squad.


Frost Breath and Avalanche turn Glaceon into a valuable asset against Druddigon.


Charm and Dazzling Gleam not only deal substantial damage but also add diversity to your team’s lineup.


Druddigon Solo Raid (3 star) with Togekiss & Shadow Gardevoir

Charm and Dazzling Gleam make Togekiss a reliable choice to consider.


Ice Shard and Avalanche allow Weavile to exploit Druddigon’s weaknesses with precision.


Frost Breath and Avalanche complete the list of potent counters you can utilize.

It’s important to note that having bulk is particularly advantageous when dealing with Dragon-type Pokémon, as it enables your counters to survive longer and deal more damage. Tailor your lineup to your collection and preferences to achieve the best results.

pokemon go druddigon Jynx

Collaboration is recommended in 3-Star Raid Battles and for optimal success against Druddigon, team up with 2-3 players who bring a variety of counters to the table. Remember that a well-rounded team can adapt to unexpected challenges during the raid.


In the realm of Pokémon GO raids, exploiting weaknesses and capitalizing on the strengths of your lineup is the key to success. Druddigon’s return to 3-Star Raids presents an exciting opportunity to put your battle strategies to the test. 

By understanding its weaknesses and enlisting the help of top counters, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer this formidable Dragon-type Pokémon. Best of luck, trainers! May your raids be victorious and your rewards plentiful

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