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How To Evolve Sandygast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet — A Comprehensive Guide

Sandygast and Palossand are intriguing additions to the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet roster, offering a unique twist to the gameplay. This guide delves into obtaining these sandy companions and highlights what sets them apart in the vibrant world of Pokemon.

Where to Encounter Sandygast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Sandygast, the living sand castle Pokemon, is a common sight on beaches across the in-game universe. Among the accessible coastal spots, Levincia is the first beach you’ll encounter on your journey. 

To the southeast, the sun-kissed shores provide a suitable habitat for the creation of Sandygast. Additionally, players can explore the southeastern corner of the map or stroll along the picturesque beaches of Porto Marinada.

Evolving Sandygast into Palossand

The evolution of Sandygast into the more powerful Palossand occurs when the former reaches level 42. Unlike other evolution processes, there are no intricate requirements related to move sets or battle history. 

Players need only to nurture Sandygast in their party until it achieves this pivotal level. The evolution of Sandygast into Palossand sets a high benchmark, almost rivaling that of revered pseudo-legendaries like Garchomp. 

Pokemon Sandygast

However, despite its formidable status, Palossand’s base stat total of 480 falls slightly short when measured against starters boasting around 525 combined base stats or pseudo-legendaries flaunting a grand total of 600.

It’s worth noting that carrying Sandygast to your party isn’t without challenges. With a significantly low-Speed stat, escaping wild encounters can be a cumbersome endeavor. 

A silver lining exists in the form of encountering wild Palossand, which can be found lurking along the coasts of Paldea, nestled between the tranquil Porto Marinada and the captivating Casseroya Lake, where players cross paths with the enigmatic False Dragon Titan.

Is Palossand a Formidable Pokemon?

In the realm of ranked battles and specific raids, Palossand emerges as a potentially formidable contender. 

However, its prowess during the game’s narrative remains slightly questionable. Palossand flaunts admirable durability and boasts a commendable base Special Attack stat of 100.  

Pokemon Sandygast evolving

Regrettably, its Achilles’ heel is its sluggish Speed stat, presenting challenges during story-driven battles. Its reliability in swiftly evading conflicts is compromised unless it clings to the assistance of a Smoke Ball, a fact that could prove irksome for trainers.

Palossand truly shines under strategic circumstances. Teams that capitalize on the Trick Room and Sandstorm dynamics witness its low-Speed stat transforming into an asset. The activation of its Sand Veil ability adds another layer of tactical advantage. 

The Earth Power and Shadow Ball combination serves as an imposing dual STAB moveset, further bolstering its potential on the battlefield.

Locating Palossand with Ease

For trainers seeking a more streamlined approach to acquiring the mighty Palossand without treading through the evolutionary process, an enticing opportunity beckons along the enchanting northwestern coast of Paldea. 

This hidden gem of a location becomes readily accessible, unfolding its secrets roughly midway through the captivating gym story. 

Pokemon Polossand

This strategic point in your journey opens up an enticing avenue for trainers to directly capture a Palossand, effectively circumventing the conventional evolutionary trajectory.

As you venture through the gym story, the narrative intertwines with your progress, ushering you to the breathtaking northwestern coast of Paldea.  

This juncture isn’t just a picturesque backdrop but a pivotal turning point for those aiming to bolster their team with the presence of Palossand. Go to the western side of Porto Marinada, and the chances are higher to capture one there.

By strategically positioning this opportunity midway through the story, the game designers ingeniously grant trainers a chance to harness Palossand’s power without the need for the lengthy evolutionary sequence.

Some trainers might relish the challenge of nurturing and evolving Pokemon [1], while others may be driven by the allure of swift empowerment. By offering this choice, the game developers cater to a spectrum of playing styles, ensuring that every trainer’s journey is theirs.


The journey from a humble Sandygast to the imposing Palossand is a testament to the depth and intricacies of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet universe. These sand-based companions capture the imagination and introduce tactical nuances that keep trainers engaged. 

By understanding their evolution, strengths, and weaknesses, trainers can strategically integrate these unique Pokemon into their teams, embracing the diverse tapestry of battles that await.

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