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The Last of Us Clone ‘The Last Hope’ Disappears from Nintendo eShop Amidst Copyright Controversy

In a twist that has left gamers bewildered, the Nintendo Switch game ‘The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival,’ which has drawn criticism for its striking similarities to ‘The Last of Us,’ has vanished from the Nintendo eShop. 

Developed by VG Games, the open-world post-apocalyptic shooter failed to impress players and critics, removing it from the digital storefront. The game’s removal was prompted by a copyright strike raised by Sony, the company behind ‘The Last of Us.’ 

Though Sony has not issued an official statement regarding the matter, multiple reports suggest their intervention as the primary cause behind the game’s disappearance. Even trailers for ‘The Last Hope’ are pulled out, further adding to the mystery surrounding the game’s fate. However, some gameplay footage remains on YouTube.

‘The Last Hope’ was heavily influenced by Naughty Dog’s HBO series, with the game featuring a young girl who resembles Ellie, the beloved protagonist of ‘The Last of Us.’ The plot revolves around protagonist Jason Lee, who was transported forward in time to explore an impending zombie outbreak. 

The Last of Us Clone The Last Hope

Along his journey, he encounters Eva, a young girl, who he escorts across the city. Critics like Digital Foundry panned the game, labeling it as “one of the worst” releases they have ever experienced.

Oddly enough, VG Games is distancing itself from ‘The Last Hope.’ The game is nowhere to be found on the developer’s webpage or other online platforms, aside from the traces of the game’s promotional image. The studio’s silence on the matter has fueled speculation among fans and industry insiders.

Despite numerous inquiries, neither Nintendo [1], Sony, nor VG Games have commented on the situation. The lack of transparency from all parties involved has only intensified the intrigue surrounding the fate of ‘The Last Hope.’

As gamers wait for an official explanation, questions arise about the ethics of copying elements from popular games and the potential legal consequences that may follow. For now, ‘The Last Hope’ remains an enigma in the gaming world, with no clear answers about its sudden disappearance and the future of VG Games.

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