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Exciting Changes Await Warzone 2 Players in Season 4

As the highly anticipated Season 4 of Warzone 2 draws near, exciting leaks have emerged, hinting at significant gameplay changes that promise to address player concerns and inject new life into the battle royale title.

Since its launch in November 2022, Warzone 2 has faced challenges in meeting the lofty expectations set by its predecessor. However, the development team has actively listened to player feedback and gradually implemented changes to enhance the game’s experience. 

With Season 4 on the horizon, these leaked details could be just what the game needs to reinvigorate its player base.

According to insider Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming, Season 4 will introduce some significant alterations, with two standout modifications generating buzz among fans: a substantial increase in health points and the complete removal of AI bots. 

These changes will be accompanied by significant adjustments to Strongholds, creating an exciting dynamic for players. Here’s what the leaks reveal:

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Stronghold Overhaul in WZ2 Season 4 In Season 4, players can expect the following changes to Strongholds:

  1. AI Bots Removed: The AI bots [1] that have populated the battlefield thus far will be eliminated, resulting in exclusively player-driven encounters. This change aims to deliver a more authentic and intense experience, allowing skilled players to showcase their abilities without interference from AI-controlled opponents.
  2. Active Strongholds: Strongholds will now become active during the Infiltration phase, immediately accessible to players as they drop into the game. This adjustment adds a new layer of strategy and competition, encouraging players to prioritize capturing Strongholds early on.
  3. Enhanced Stronghold Dynamics: Enemy players will be able to detect the UAV radius around Strongholds and have the opportunity to recapture them from rival squads. This change encourages dynamic gameplay and creates more opportunities for engaging encounters.
  4. Highlighted Inactive Strongholds: Inactive Strongholds, indicated by White Supply Boxes, will now be prominently displayed on the TacMap, helping players locate potential hotspots for intense battles and rewarding exploration
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Health Changes in Warzone 2 Season 4 Addressing a common player request, Season 4 will reportedly introduce a Time-to-Kill (TTK) adjustment by significantly increasing player health:

  1. Health Boost: Player health is expected to receive a significant bump, raising the base health from 100 to 150. When fully armored, players will boast a maximum health pool of 300. This change aims to enhance survivability, provide more opportunities for strategic engagements, and foster exciting comebacks.
  2. The Rejoin Feature: Season 4 might also introduce the long-awaited “Rejoin” feature, allowing fallen players to return to the battlefield. A new Resurgence map called Vondel is rumored to debut in the Call of Duty BR, offering fresh gameplay experiences.

While it’s essential to approach leaks cautiously until official announcements are made, Tom Henderson has gained credibility as a prominent Call of Duty insider, making these leaks worth considering.

Warzone 2 Season 4 is scheduled for launch on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. Stay tuned for official announcements and further details from the development team as they prepare to unveil the exciting changes that await Warzone 2 players in the upcoming season.

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