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New Warzone 2 Map Set in the Netherlands Rumored for Season 4

Reports are circulating that Warzone 2, the popular battle royale game, will introduce a new map set in the Netherlands for its upcoming Season 4. The rumored map, called Vondel, is said to initially support the Resurgence mode, with DMZ support to be added later.

Additionally, sources suggest that Battle Royale mode will eventually be included, making it the first time the game has two maps in rotation for this mode.

While these details are yet to be confirmed by Activision or any official developer, insiders claim that the map is being developed by Beenox, a subsidiary of Activision [1] based in Quebec City. 

Warzone 2 new map

Beenox has been involved in the Call of Duty franchise since 2015’s Black Ops 3 and expanded its operations to Montreal in March 2022, specifically to provide continued support for Call of Duty.

Only a few things are known about the supposed new map. However, with Season 4 set to launch in a few weeks, fans can expect more information to emerge soon. 

The current in-game timer indicates that Season 3’s battle pass will end on June 14, suggesting that Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 4 will likely commence on that date.

Warzone 2 currently features two maps: Al Mazrah, a desert-themed locale available at launch, and Ashika Island, the first Resurgence map introduced in Season 2.

Warzone 2 gameplay

As fans await further updates, they can explore our list of the best Call of Duty games ever made to reminisce about their favorite titles in the franchise.

It’s worth noting that introducing a new map in the Netherlands for Warzone 2’s Season 4 aligns with the game’s trend of expanding its geographical diversity. 

Previous updates have introduced maps set in various locations worldwide, offering players a range of unique environments and gameplay experiences. Adding Vondel in the Netherlands will likely bring a fresh and distinct setting to the game, further enhancing players’ overall Warzone 2 experience.

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