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Shadows of the Damned: Remastered Teased for Multiplatform Release

In an exciting update during Grasshopper Manufacture’s recent live stream, the studio hinted at a multiplatform release for the highly anticipated Shadows of the Damned: Remastered. 

While not explicitly confirmed, the announcement has sparked anticipation among fans eager to revisit the action-packed love story of Mexican demon hunter Garcia Hotspur.

During the live stream, Grasshopper Manufacture presented a tongue-in-cheek promotional video, reintroducing the charismatic protagonist, Garcia Hotspur. Described as “more terrifying than any demon” and “the most determined, devoted man in the world,” Hotspur promises to captivate players again. 

Shadows of the Damned

The video teases an intense and relentless journey through the darkest depths of Hell, showcasing the nonstop action and captivating narrative that made the original game a cult hit.

The most intriguing aspect of the announcement was the indication that Shadows of the Damned: Remastered might be coming to “all current platforms.” While specifics were not provided, this suggests that players on various gaming systems can experience the enhanced version of this beloved title. However, it’s important to note that the studio did add a playful “probably” to the statement, leaving some room for speculation.

Aside from the exciting news about Shadows of the Damned: Remastered, Grasshopper Manufacture’s live stream also featured other notable moments. Community manager James Mountain returned surprised, causing a buzz among viewers. 

In contrast, fellow community manager Maddie Copp delighted fans by cosplaying as Bad Girl from the renowned No More Heroes series. The appearance of Suda51 himself further amplified the energetic event, the studio’s famous creative mind, dressed in a striking lucha mask and a vibrant green suit reminiscent of iconic characters from the gaming world.

Shadows of the Damned game demo

To conclude the live stream, Grasshopper Manufacture offered a brief glimpse of their upcoming project, revealing an intriguing in-game menu. While details were scarce, eagle-eyed viewers noticed an “Emerald Flowsion” gauge, signaling the continued influence of Goichi Suda’s [1] passion for professional wrestling in the studio’s future endeavors.

Currently, Shadows of the Damned: Remastered is confirmed to be in development for multiple platforms. While fans eagerly await further updates, the mere possibility of a multiplatform release has sparked excitement and anticipation within the gaming community. 

Stay tuned for more information as Grasshopper Manufacture continues to weave its unique brand of gaming magic.

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