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Counter-Strike 2 Teases Ranked Leaderboards in August 2 Update

Counter-Strike 2, the much-anticipated sequel to the iconic shooter, is generating excitement as it nears its full release later this year. In preparation for its summer launch, Valve has been diligently updating the closed beta with new features and gameplay changes, including revamped maps in Source 2 and an exploration of the game’s new physics. 

However, fans have been eagerly awaiting news on the matchmaking side of things, and Valve did not disappoint with its latest update. In a recent update on August 2, Valve quietly teased the introduction of ranked leaderboards, hinting at a potential ranking system for competitive play. 

The discovery was made by CS data miner Aquarius, who noticed added code pointing towards including ranked leaderboards in the game.

Counter Strike 2 gameplay

According to Aquarius, the Premier Competitive mode in Counter-Strike 2 will have seasonal resets for the leaderboards, likely occurring every few months. Players can expect a global leaderboard, sorted by region, offering players a chance to compare their ranks internationally.

One of the exciting additions is the inclusion of “CS Rating,” an individual elo system exclusively used in the Premier mode. With a range of 0.00 to 35.00, each 5.00 increment corresponds to a different color, indicating varying skill levels. Players with higher CS Ratings will likely attain higher ranks on the leaderboard.

Within the Counter-Strike 2 main menu, the Premier mode offers additional statistics, such as the map win rate of the player’s squad, detailed individual player stats, and the CS above Rating.

Aquarius also delved into the game files and revealed that the current season is projected to start in the fall of 2023, running through to spring 2024. Additionally, he speculated that there might be two seasons per year, aligning with the planned CS2 Majors in spring and fall.

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These teased features resemble the matchmaking services provided by FACEIT, the preferred system for high-elo Counter-Strike players. Given the matchmaking problems that have plagued CSGO over the years, the community welcomes these new additions.

However, it is essential to note that these developments are subject to change as Counter-Strike 2 remains in its closed beta phase. Valve [1] continues fine-tuning the game, ironing out any kinks before its highly anticipated full launch later this year. 

Fans eagerly await more news and updates as the release date approaches, excited about the potential of ranked leaderboards shaping the competitive landscape of Counter-Strike 2.

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