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Minecraft Cobblemon Commands — Unleashing the Pokemon World in Minecraft

Minecraft has been captivating gamers worldwide for years, and its immense success owes much to its expansive list of commands. Among the most beloved mods is Cobblemon, which brings the enchanting world of Pokemon-like creatures to the Minecraft universe. 

With Cobblemon, players can catch and battle various unique creatures, each possessing its moves and abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the Minecraft Cobblemon commands available, allowing you to unleash the full potential of this beloved mod.

Getting Started with Cobblemon

Cobblemon introduces custom commands that let you dive headfirst into the enchanting world of Pokemon in Minecraft. 

Whether you desire to encounter Pokemon or heal your beloved creatures swiftly, these commands are your gateway to an exciting adventure. Let’s take a look at the primary Cobblemon commands:

Minecraft choosing Pokemon

Powerful Commands for Pokemon Management

Customizing and managing your Pokemon is crucial for success as a seasoned Pokemon trainer. Cobblemon offers an array of commands to aid you in your journey:

Minecraft Pokemon selection

Expanding Possibilities with Extra Cobblemon Commands

To delve even deeper into the world of Cobblemon, you can access additional commands through mod add-ons. These extra commands further enrich your experience:

Minecraft Cobblemon world

Installing Cobblemon: A Step-by-Step Guide

To fully immerse yourself in the Cobblemon universe, you must install the mod correctly. Follow these simple steps:

Minecraft Cobblemon world gameplay

How Do You Give Items in Cobblemon?

In Cobblemon, you can give items to players using the “/pokegive” command. This command allows you to provide a Pokemon to yourself or another player. Here’s how to use the command:

Minecraft Pokemons

To give a Pokemon to yourself:

  1. Open the chat window in Minecraft.
  2. Type “/pokegive [Pokemon Name] without the square brackets and replace [Pokemon Name] with the name of the Pokemon you want to receive. For example, if you want to receive a Pikachu, you would type “/pokegive Pikachu” in the chat.
If with attributes, the command “/givepokemon [Pokemon Name] [Attributes]” can be used.

3. Press Enter to execute the command.

To give a Pokemon to another player:

  1. Open the chat window in Minecraft.
  2. Type “/pokegiveother @Player Name [Pokemon Name]” without the square brackets.
Minecraft share Pokemon to hold

a. Replace “Player Name” with the name of the player you want to give the Pokemon to.

b. Replace [Pokemon Name] with the name of the Pokemon you want to give. For example, if you want to give a Squirtle to a player named “Steve”, you would type “/pokegiveother @Steve Squirtle” in the chat.

c. If with attributes, the command “/pokegiveother @Player Name [Pokemon Name] [Attributes]” can be used.

3. Press Enter to execute the command.


With the wealth of commands, Cobblemon brings to Minecraft; your gameplay will be elevated to new heights. Embrace the captivating world of Cobblemon and experience the thrill of being a true Pokemon trainer within the Minecraft universe. 

So, harness the power of these commands and embark on an extraordinary journey through the enchanting world of Cobblemon!

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