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How to Find Vessel Fragments on Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a challenging game, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. If you’re looking for every vessel fragment in the game, then this guide is for you. 

Our gamers will show you where to find all of them, so you can get the most out of your game experience. Keep reading to learn more!

Where to Find Every Vessel Fragment

Collecting Vessel Fragments will allow the player to expand the capacity of their Soul Vessel. Souls are required in this game to cast spells such as Shade Soul and Abyss Shriek. 

This is also essential for healing. It goes without saying that the more Souls a player has, the stronger they become. Three Vessel Fragments combined will form one Soul Vessel. 

Hollow Knight Map

The game contains nine Fragments, allowing the player to have three more Soul Vessels. Here is a summary of all nine in the game which players can find and collect.

Buy Two From Sly

Purchasing Vessel Fragments from Sly is the simplest way to obtain them. Before they can buy items from Sly in Dirtmouth, the player must first rescue him in the Forgotten Crossroads. 

When he returns to his shop in Dirtmouth, the player can immediately buy one from him for 500 Geos. For the second, the player must first give him the Shopkeeper’s Key. 

This item is found in Crystal Peak, to the left of the Bench room where the player battles the Crystal Guardian. After giving Sly the key, they can buy the second Vessel Fragment from him for 900 Geos.

Forgotten Crossroads

A Vessel Fragment is hidden to the left of the massive elevator in the Forgotten Crossroads. To gain access to this small area, the player must first unlock the elevator. 

To make this elevator functional, the player must first travel to the City of Tears [1]. There is a Stag Station and bench north of the City of Tears, close to the elevator that the player can use. 

Hollow Knight Forgotten Crossroads

Once unlocked, use the lift to ascend, then turn left and search the area for the Vessel Fragment.


The Vessel Fragment in Greenpath can be found in the level’s very bottom room. Getting to this area is made easier by Isma’s Tear, so it is recommended that the player first obtain that ability. 

Once in the lowest room of Greenpath, the player must proceed about halfway through the area before reaching the path that leads to Queen’s Garden. The Vessel Fragment is next to a Grub on a platform above the level.


To obtain the Vessel Fragment in Deepnest, precision and timing are crucial. It is located above the area where three Garpedes crawl through narrow corridors to the right of the Hot Spring bench. 

The player must navigate this area without being hit by the Garpedes in order to reach the area above. Once there, they’ll have to do some platforming to get to the other side without getting hurt by the spikes. 

Hollow Knight Deepnest

They can also Nail-bounce off the Garpedes that roam this area to get to the other side much faster. They can also use Crystal Dash instead. 

After crossing, they must Nail-bounce off a Garpede to reach a narrow room above the area. The Vessel Fragment is on the left side of this section.

King's Station

To begin, the player must take the Stag to the King’s Station. The player must then simply climb to the top of the level. As they progress upwards in this area, the player will encounter a slew of enemies. 

The room containing the Vessel Fragment is guarded by a slew of enemies that the player must first defeat in order to unlock the door that houses the Fragment. It’s in the top right corner of the level, to the right of the lift leading to the Resting Grounds.

Collect 700 Essence

After receiving the Dream Nail, the player will be able to begin collecting Essence. In the game, there are several ways to obtain Essence. They can gather them from Whispering Roots by Dream Nailing them, which spawns Essence Orbs in the area where they can gather them. 

They can also get Essence by defeating Warrior Dreams and Dream Bosses, which give between 100 and 400 Essence depending on the enemy. 

Hollow Knight essence farming

Return to the Seer once they have collected 700 Essence to receive another Vessel Fragment.

Open All Stag Stations

There are 11 Stag Stations in and around Hallownest. When the player has unlocked ten of them, the Last Stag will reveal that he has discovered his birthplace, the Stag Nest, and will offer to take you there. When the Stag and Knight arrive at Stag Nest, turn right and the Vessel Fragment should be visible right away.

Drop 3,000 Geo Into the Fountain

In the Ancient Basin, there is a fountain with a statue of the Pale King that will ask for the player’s Geo. This room is easily identifiable because it glows a white hue that is visible from the outside. 

This room is directly above Conifer’s residence in the area. The fountain will request all of the Knight’s Geo, but it will only accept 3,000. Pay 3,000 Geo to get a Vessel Fragment from this fountain.

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