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Where to Use Simple Keys on Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a great game for those who enjoy platformers and Metroidvanias. One aspect that sets it apart from other games in these genres is its use of Simple Keys. 

While many gamers might think that this makes the game too easy, there are actually plenty of places where the keys come in handy. In this post, we’ll enumerate the best places on where to use them.

Where Can You Use Simple Keys?

Simple Keys are important items to find in Hollow Knight as they can grant players access to vital areas of the game, allowing them to become stronger and participate in hugely important battles. It is in the player’s best interest to find and use every single Simple Key in the game.

Accessing the Royal Waterways

The Royal Waterways can be accessed using one of the Simple Keys. To do so, players must go to a room near Fountain Square in the City of Tears that contains a hatch. 

The Simple Key will open the hatch and provide an exit from the City of Tears. Because the Royal Waterways is part of the main questline, obtaining a Simple Key is almost mandatory. 

Accessing the Royal Waterways

This location can be reached via the Tram in Kingdom’s Edge using the Crystal heart near Isma’s Grove. However, because this is a longer and more complicated route than simply spending 950 Geo, having the Simple Key is preferable.

Accessing the Secret Cave of Dirtmouth

The secret cave in Dirtmouth can be unlocked with a Simple Key. Many NPCs [1] will mention the stone door near the graveyard at the base of Crystal Peak, so players will be familiar with it. Confessor Jiji, or Steel Soul Jinn if you’re playing on Steel Soul Mode, can be found in this room.

In exchange for Rancid Eggs, Jiji will offer to summon the Knight’s Shade from wherever it appears in the world. This is especially useful if the Shade is in a difficult-to-reach location. Jinn offers a distinctive service because death is permanent in Steel Soul mode. She will pay between 290 and 449 Geo for each Rancid Egg.

Accessing the Pleasure House

Another area that can be accessed with a Simple Key and is arguably worth the investment is the Pleasure House. It can be found in the City of Tears, directly north of the Gorgeous Husk, to the right of the Watcher’s Spire. 

The player can interact with the Songstress Mariss here, who only provides dialogue and a little lore. 

Accessing the Pleasure House

The real relevance of visiting this location is to create a shortcut to the Resting Grounds and Millibelle. 

Millibelle starts out as a banker, allowing the player to avoid losing money upon death. If Millibelle is given 2,550 Geo, she will become a thief and flee to the Pleasure House. The player can attack her and get their money back plus interest.

Accessing the Junk Pit

This is arguably the most important use of a Simple Key, and it is required if pursuing Godmaster content. The Junk Pit is located in the western section of the Royal Waterways, behind a breakable wall. It is located just above the Flukemarm Arena. A golden cocoon inside the Junk Pit requires a Simple Key to open. 

Inside this glittering shell is the Godseeker, who drops the Godtuner and sets the player on the path to confronting Godhome’s false gods. Players should brace themselves for a series of grueling battles.

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