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Fallout 4 Shipment — Your Quick Guide

Have you ever wondered how the shipment system works in Fallout 4? You don’t have to second guess anymore because our gamers curated this guide for you!

In this post, we’ll take a quick look at how Bethesda’s critically-acclaimed RPG handles things like sending goods from one settlement to another. So if you’re interested in learning a bit more about how Fallout 4’s economy works, read on!

How Does the Shipment Work?

First, you need to transfer it to a settlement with a building workbench of your choice, and it will unpack into the resource. The shipment sheets can be placed on a workbench. 

When you run out of that resource, the shipment will be converted into resources. When viewing, shipment sheets will count as part of your total until the shipment is used. 

Fallout shipment

If you have four shipments of 25 ballistic fiber each, and you already have 40 ballistic fiber in your workbench, you will only see 40 (not 140) when checking the amount. 

You can drop a shipment on the ground and then manually scrap it to obtain the resources. Shipments that you will want to buy later in the game if you come across them. 

Oil and ballistic fiber are excellent for later use. Copper [1] is useful if you want to spam settlement building to gain experience, but it’s not really necessary because you level up quickly as it is. Cement and fertilizer are always beneficial.

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