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How Do I Get the Marines to Follow Me in Halo Infinite

In Halo Infinite, many players have reported difficulty in getting their marines to follow them effectively. In this article, we will explore some tips and strategies that can help you make marines follow you in Halo Infinite and improve your overall gameplay experience!

How to Make the Marines Follow You

Getting the Marines to follow you can be a useful tactic to have an extra set of eyes and firepower on your side during missions in Halo Infinite. Here are some tips to get Marines to follow you:

Use the ping function

Use the ping function near a Marine can grab their attention and prompt them to follow you.

Get close to the Marines

If you are in close proximity to a Marine, they are more likely to follow you. Walking or running next to a Marine can encourage them to join you on your journey.

Honk the horn

If you’re in a vehicle, honking the horn will prompt Marines to get in the vehicle with you.

Return to an FOB

If you know that Marines spawn at a particular FOB or area, you can return to that location to call Marines to follow you.

Give orders

When in combat situations, you can give orders to Marines to follow you or to attack specific targets. This can help keep them close to you and engaged in the fight.

By utilizing these tactics, you can easily get Marines to follow you and work together to achieve your mission objectives in Halo Infinite.

How To Get Them In Razorback

To get Marines into a Razorback in Halo Infinite, you can honk, use the ping function, approach them, or call them over from an FOB. Keep them close to the vehicle during travels and use their firepower to complete objectives.

You can also get out of the Razorback and ping nearby Marines to follow you towards the vehicle, then get back in for them to climb in. Marines won’t drive vehicles themselves, and they will stick with you until the mission’s end or until they are killed in combat.

On razorback


Will They Stay With Me Until The End?

Marines in Halo Infinite will stick with you until the end of the mission or until they are killed in combat. However, if you move too far away from them or if they are unable to keep up with you, they may disappear or be left behind.

What’s The Easiest Way To Make Marines Follow Me?

The simplest way to get Marines to follow you in Halo Infinite is by using the ping function. If you see a Marine you want to follow you while on foot, simply press the ping button near them, and it will grab their attention.

How Many Marines Can I Possibly Fit in a Single Warthog?

A single Warthog can hold up to four Marines in addition to the driver. This means that you can have a maximum of five people in a Warthog, with the driver and up to four Marines in the back.

How Can I Find the Marines?

FOBs are locations where Marines are known to spawn. You can find FOBs marked on the map, and they can be identified by their unique structures and vehicles.

How Do I Make the Marines Follow Me in The Vehicle?

Honking the vehicle’s horn near Marines can grab their attention and prompt them to get into the vehicle if they are in close proximity.

Wrapping Up

Marines can provide additional support during combat, helping to take down enemies and completing missions more efficiently. They can also serve as a distraction for enemies, drawing enemy fire away from the player and giving the player an opportunity to attack.

While it’s not essential to have Marines follow you, it can be advantageous in various ways, making it easier to complete missions and explore the vast open-world map of Halo Infinite.

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