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A Guide on the CS:GO Jump Throw Bind

If you’re an avid fan of CS:GO, you’re just in the right place as we will explore the mechanics of the jump throw bind, its advantages and disadvantages, and the ongoing debate surrounding its use in the game.

Jump Throw Bind Overview

The jump throw bind in CS:GO is a technique that allows players to execute more accurate and consistent long-range grenade throws. 

It automates the process of jumping and releasing the grenade, which can be difficult to time precisely with a manual throw. While some consider it an essential tool for competitive gameplay, others argue that it gives an unfair advantage. 

With the bind, players can throw smokes, flashbangs, and other grenades with greater consistency, making it easier to execute complex strategies and gain a tactical advantage over opponents.

Is It Legal?

Jumpthrow binds are generally considered legal in CS:GO, as they are not explicitly prohibited by the game’s rules. However, some tournament organizers may place restrictions on their use, such as prohibiting their use on certain maps or in certain situations. 

It is important for players to check the rules and regulations of the tournament or league they are participating in to ensure that they are not violating any rules regarding the use of jump throw binds or other scripts/macros.

CSGO Jump Throw Markings

How To Set Up Jumpthrow Bind

Simple Keybind Command

bind “X” “+jump; -attack; -jump”

Note: You can change X with the key of your choice.

Alias bind and Autoexec Command

Open your autoexec.cfg file (or create one if you haven’t already)

Copy and paste the following command into the file:

Note: Replace “KEY” with the key of your choice for your jump throw bind.

How To Use It

To use the jumpthrow bind in CS:GO, follow these steps:

1. Hold down the left mouse [1] button to pull out your smoke grenade.

2. Choose the range for your jump throw: normal range, short range, or medium range.

CSGO View from top

4. Press the button you have bound to the jumpthrow script.

The script will automatically execute a jump and release both mouse buttons at the optimal time for the chosen range, allowing you to perform a more accurate and consistent grenade throw.

CSGO Jump Throw mark

Smokes And Tickrate

Jumpthrow smokes can be affected by the tickrate of the server. The tickrate refers to how often the server updates the game state. 

Lower tickrates can cause the timing of jump throws to be slightly different, resulting in the grenade landing in a slightly different location. 

To mitigate this, players and teams may adjust their timing and aim or play on servers with higher tickrates.

Nades Usually Require Jumpthrows To Be Consistent

Certain grenades in CS:GO require the use of the jumpthrow bind to be thrown consistently and accurately. Here are a few examples of such nades:

CSGO Knife weapon

Wrapping Up

The decision to use a jumpthrow bind in CS:GO ultimately comes down to personal preference and playstyle. While some players consider it an essential tool for consistent and accurate grenade throws, others prefer to manually time their throws for greater control and flexibility.

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