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Lake of Nine Artifacts in God of War Ragnarok — Where Are They Located?

In gaming, few titles capture players’ imaginations, like “God of War Ragnarok.” Beyond its riveting main story, the game offers various post-story activities that beckon explorers and completionists alike. Among these activities, the pursuit of collectibles stands out. 

This article delves into one such collectible: the Lake of Nine Artifacts. These seemingly insignificant items hold hidden stories and rewards, adding layers to the gameplay experience.

Understanding Lake of Nine Artifacts

Artifacts in “God of War Ragnarok” are unique collectibles that enrich the game’s lore. While they don’t significantly impact gameplay mechanics, their value lies in their ability to narrate tales of the world and its inhabitants. 

These items often serve as windows into the past, connecting players with the game’s mythology and history. Within this intricate tapestry, the Lake of Nine Artifacts takes center stage, offering glimpses into a world waiting to be uncovered.

Lake of Nine's Artifact Locations

The Lake of Nine, a central location in the game, harbors three distinct Artifacts. Accessible to players post-chapter 9 of the main story, these collectibles are tucked away in intriguing and challenging corners. Below is a table detailing the location and description of each Artifact:

God of War Ragnarok map

South of Janbiya Helmet 

(Rusted Knife)

Behind icicles in a cave with a purple glow
2Kila (Glorious Dagger)Atop a snowy staircase, near a fallen soldier
3Maya (Sculpture from the Southern Lands)Beneath the Golden Bridge, near a murdered corpse

1. Lake of Nine Artifact - Janbiya Helmet

The journey to uncover the Janbiya Helmet Artifact begins with a cave behind a Giant Helmet. Icicles obscure the location, but a purple glow from within betrays its secrets. The process unfolds as follows:

2. Lake of Nine Artifact - Kila

The search for the Kila Artifact takes players to the Raider stronghold, a site with historical significance. Here’s a step-by-step guide to securing the Artifact:

God of War Ragnarok looking for artifact

3. Lake of Nine Artifact - Maya

To uncover the final Artifact—Maya—players must venture to the southern edge of the Lake of Nine. The journey is intricate but rewarding:

Importance of Collectibles in God of War: Ragnarok

While God of War Ragnarok’s main story is captivating, engaging with collectibles enhances the overall experience. Artifacts, especially those in the Lake of Nine, contribute to the game’s world-building and lore. 

God of War Ragnarok finding an artifact

Each Artifact is a fragment of a larger narrative puzzle, encouraging players to delve deeper into the game’s mythology.

Lake of Nine's Treasure Trove

The Lake of Nine isn’t solely home to Artifacts; it also houses a treasure trove of additional loot. Legendary Chests, Odin’s Ravens, and other hidden rewards await discovery. 

These treasures serve completionists and explorers, offering tangible rewards for thorough engagement with the game’s environment.

Completing the Midgard Realm

The Lake of Nine Artifacts aligns with the completion of the Midgard realm, a feat that avid players aim to achieve. Players contribute to the realm’s full completion by collecting these Artifacts, unlocking additional lore and rewards that further enrich their experience.


As players traverse the captivating world of God of War Ragnarok [1], the allure of the Lake of Nine Artifacts beckons. Beyond their surface value, these collectibles deepen the connection between players and the game’s universe. From the Janbiya Helmet to the Maya Sculpture, each Artifact holds a story waiting to be unveiled. 

This comprehensive guide has illuminated their locations and significance, urging players to unravel these hidden tales. In the end, it’s the dedication to exploration that unlocks a realm of rewards and stories within the game.

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