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Unleash the Inferno: Fire Staff Code Upgrade in CoD Zombies for Ultimate Devastation

In the dark and treacherous world of COD: Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles, players are presented with the daunting task of surviving waves of the undead while uncovering powerful weapons and ancient relics. 

Among these coveted artifacts is the Fire Staff, an elemental wonder weapon that can turn the tide in any dire situation. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of obtaining and upgrading the Fire Staff, while also exploring the challenges that await players on this exhilarating journey. 

Obtaining the Fire Staff

Three Staff Parts and the Elemental Crystal

The path to acquiring the Fire Staff is no easy feat. Players must gather three crucial staff parts and an elemental crystal to bring this formidable weapon to life.

Powering up Generator 6 and Obtaining the Head Piece

The first step on the journey to obtaining the Fire Staff requires players to power up Generator 6, activating the reward box next to it. Inside this box lies the Head Piece, one of the three essential components for crafting the Fire Staff.

Call of Duty fire staff

Shooting Down the Fiery Plane for the Staff Piece

The second piece of the puzzle involves shooting down a fiery plane that hovers in the sky with an orange glow. Once the plane is downed, players can find the Staff Piece near the Soul Box, close to the excavation site on a walkway between two giant footprints.

Defeating the Panzer Soldat for the End Piece

The final and perhaps most challenging part to obtain is the End Piece. Players must prepare for a fierce battle with the Panzer Soldat, a formidable enemy that appears in round 8. Conquering the Panzer Soldat grants players the coveted End Piece, completing the trio of essential staff parts.

Finding the Gramophone and Black Record for Access to the Crazy Place

With the three staff parts in hand, players must then locate the gramophone and a black record to unlock the Crazy Place, an otherworldly realm filled with riddles and mysteries. 

The gramophone can be found on the middle level of the Excavation Site, while the black record may appear in one of three spots around the Excavation Site. Once these items are secured, the journey into the enigmatic Crazy Place begins.

Upgrading the Fire Staff

First Riddle: Filling the Fire Cauldrons in the Crazy Place

Upon entering the Crazy Place, players encounter their first challenge in upgrading the Fire Staff. In this intriguing mini-game, players must fill four fire cauldrons by defeating zombies, particularly those standing on metal grates. 

Call of Duty defeat zombies

To proceed, approximately 30 zombies must fall before the fiery cauldrons are filled.

Second Riddle: Solving the Torch Puzzle in the Church's Basement

The second riddle lies hidden in the depths of the church’s basement, and it is perhaps the most formidable part of the upgrade sequence. This puzzle employs a complex numbering system that is randomized for each player, ensuring unique and emergent gameplay [1].

Randomized Numbering System and Glowing Symbols on Walls

In the church’s basement, players will discover seven torches, each adorned with a number below it. Simultaneously, glowing symbols are inscribed on the walls. 

The key to solving this riddle lies in the ternary numeral system, where players must shoot the correct torches using the Fire Staff, guided by the glowing symbols.

Cheat Sheet for Shooting the Correct Torches Using the Fire Staff

To aid players in this perplexing task, a cheat sheet has been compiled, offering guidance on which torches to shoot for each number, based on the glowing symbols. This indispensable tool will prove invaluable in conquering this challenge.

Call of Duty torches on wall

Aligning the Blue Rings in the Excavation Site and Shooting the Red Orb

The final steps in the upgrade process involve aligning the large, blue rings inside the Excavation Site and shooting the red orb that emerges near them. Players must manipulate levers to turn each ring red before firing their upgraded Fire Staff at the red orb, propelling them toward the next stage.

Rotating Levers to Align the Rings

Around the lower levels of the Excavation Site, players will find the levers needed to align the rings. Once all the rings are red, they are prepared for the final step.

Shooting the Red Orb to Proceed

With the rings aligned, players must use their upgraded Fire Staff to shoot the red orb beneath the floating rings, signaling the beginning of the final stage of the upgrade process.


The Fire Staff Code Upgrade is a thrilling and challenging quest that rewards players with immense power and dominance over the zombie hordes in Call of Duty Zombies. Mastering the steps and unlocking the full potential of the Fire Staff can be a game-changer in your survival journey. 

So rally your team, embark on the quest, and witness the incendiary might of the upgraded Fire Staff as you blaze your way through the undead apocalypse. Good luck, and may the fire be with you!

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