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Master the Art of Destruction: How to Get Shredder Operator in MW2

Modern Warfare 2, a title etched in the annals of gaming history, has introduced the enigmatic Shredder Operator Bundle. This innovative addition has bridged the gap between the familiar realm of Modern Warfare and the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe. 

As players gear up to wield the power of Shredder, this article serves as an immersive guide to navigating the realms of Modern Warfare 2 and embracing the thrilling essence of the Shredder Operator Bundle.

Overview of Shredder in Modern Warfare 2

The nefarious Shredder in Modern Warfare 2, a name synonymous with cunning and chaos, hails from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe. Sporting sharpened armor and unparalleled fighting skills, Shredder stands as an imposing figure in the world of villains. 

A driving force behind the infamous Foot Clan, he leads a legion of skilled ninjas, instilling intimidation in his adversaries. Beneath his imposing exterior lies a multifaceted character fueled by a relentless greed and hunger for power and an unyielding desire for vengeance.

The Shredder Operator Bundle

shredder bundle

Shredder Operator Skin

The heart of the Shredder Operator Bundle lies in the Shredder Operator skin. As you don this formidable armor, you step into the shoes of the enigmatic villain, channeling his menacing aura on the battlefield. 

The visual transformation is not merely cosmetic; it’s an embodiment of power, signaling to your foes that a new force has arrived.

KV Broadside Oroku Blueprint

A weapon is an extension of a warrior’s identity. The KV Broadside Oroku Blueprint introduces a symphony of firepower, blending style with substance. 

The Oroku blueprint bestows a touch of elegance upon your arsenal, setting the stage for precision and dominance. With each shot, you unleash not just bullets, but a statement of your prowess.

Steel Claws Dual Kodachis Blueprint

Close-quarters combat demands finesse and precision. The Steel Claws Dual Kodachis Blueprint is your ticket to mastering the art of melee engagement.

These razor-sharp dual weapons cut through the air with deadly accuracy, offering a swift and satisfying means to dismantle your opponents up close.

ISO Hemlock Saki Assault Rifle Blueprint

The ISO Hemlock Saki Assault Rifle Blueprint embodies controlled chaos. In the chaos of battle, the Hemlock blueprint ensures your shots find their mark, making every bullet count. 

As you unleash controlled carnage upon your foes, the Hemlock blueprint becomes an extension of your calculated aggression.

Dual Kodachis Steel Claws Melee Weapon Blueprint

The dance of blades is an art form, and the Dual Kodachis Steel Claws Melee Weapon Blueprint is your brushstroke. 

Engage in a mesmerizing dance on the battlefield as you wield these twin instruments of destruction. Each swing is a step closer to victory, and each stroke is a stroke of your tactical brilliance.

Shredded Decal

In a world where details matter, the Shredded Decal is your signature. Embellish your weapons with this striking decal, leaving an indelible mark of your presence. It’s not just about personalization; it’s about asserting your dominance with style.

Utrom Light Tank Vehicle Skin

In the realm of vehicular warfare, the Utrom Light Tank Vehicle Skin is a declaration of authority. Your vehicle becomes a canvas, adorned with the essence of Shredder. As you navigate the terrain, you command attention and become a force to be reckoned with.

Foot Clan Weapon Charm

Every warrior has a symbol that embodies their allegiance. The Foot Clan Weapon Charm is a subtle yet powerful emblem of your connection to the Shredder’s legacy. Let it dangle from your weapon, a constant reminder of the role you play in shaping the course of battle.

Shred 'em Up Finishing Move

The Shredder Operator Bundle extends beyond aesthetics, offering a visceral gameplay [1] experience. The “Shred ’em Up” finishing move is your means to seal the fate of your adversaries. Execute this move with precision, turning the tides of battle and solidifying your dominance.

The Shredder Emblem

Emblems are more than symbols; they represent your identity on the battlefield. The Shredder Emblem is a badge of honor, signifying your affiliation with one of gaming’s most iconic figures. Display it proudly, for it echoes your commitment and skill.

Obtain the Shredder Operator Bundle

Obtain the Shredder Operator Bundle​

For those eager to wield the might of the Shredder, securing the Operator Bundle is a straightforward yet time-sensitive endeavor. By investing 2400 CoD Points or $24, players can acquire this impressive collection of items. 

The bundle debuted on March 21, 2023, within the in-game store, emphasizing the importance of swift action to avoid missing out on this limited-time opportunity.

Upon acquisition, players unlock the Shredder operator skin and the entire assortment of blueprints, decals, charms, and finishing moves. These assets await customization, paving the way for players to leave their mark on the virtual battleground.


As players embrace the power and mystique of Shredder, they embark on a unique journey through the realms of Modern Warfare and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With the fusion of these two iconic universes, a new chapter is etched in the annals of gaming history.

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