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Level Up Swiftly: Your Guide to MW2 Warzone 2 Double XP Weekend

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 enthusiasts, buckle up for an intensive journey towards rapid progression. Double XP weekends are your golden tickets to leveling up, acquiring Battle Pass rewards, and elevating weapon proficiency. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil the intricacies of MW2 Warzone 2 Double XP events, equip you with precise start and end dates, and provide invaluable tips to make the most of these action-packed weekends.

Understanding the Impact of Double XP

The impact of Double XP on your MW2 and Warzone 2 journey is akin to jet fuel propelling an aircraft. Progression speed rockets allow you to reach coveted milestones swiftly. 

During these events, battle Pass tiers, weapon ranks, and overall player levels witness exponential growth. Mastery of strategies and tactics becomes essential to harness the full potential of these Double XP weekends.

Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 Double XP Dates

Season 4 unfurls a dynamic canvas that is ripe with opportunities for accelerated progression. The allure of Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP beckons players to join the fray. 

Call of Duty MW2 Warzone prestige

The table below unveils the schedule for the next MW2 Warzone 2 Double XP event:


Double XP Window

All Platforms

July 7 – July 8

Embrace these enhancement windows to surge ahead in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Synchronize your gameplay with these dates to maximize your rewards.

Maximizing the Bonuses

Diving into the nuances of Double XP weekends, we encounter a trio of bonuses – Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP. Each of these facets contributes distinctively to your growth:

Call of Duty MW2 Warzone 2

Strategic allocation of your gameplay time to these facets ensures a holistic boost in your MW2 and Warzone 2 journey.

What Time Does Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 Double XP Start?

Timing is of the essence during Double XP weekends. Here’s the precise schedule for different time zones:

Time Zone

Start Time

PT (Pacific)

10:00 AM

CT (Central)

12:00 PM

ET (Eastern)

1:00 PM


6:00 PM

Leverage these timings to ensure you’re immersed in action when the Double XP extravaganza commences.

Catching Up with Double XP

Call of Duty MW2 Warzone combat xp rewards

Veterans seeking to maintain their edge and newcomers aiming to catch up can both capitalize on Double XP weekends. 

These events level the playing field, allowing players of all calibers to flourish. During these rewarding weekends, equip yourself with the right load-outs, tactics, and strategies to dominate the competition.

When is the Next Double XP Weekend Event for MW2 & Warzone 2?

Eagerly anticipate the forthcoming Double XP weekend. As confirmed by insider sources, the next event begins on June 23 and extends until June 26. PlayStation [1] users gain a 24-hour head start, commencing their Double XP experience on June 22.


Double XP Window


June 22 at 10 am PT

All Platforms

June 23 at 10 am PT – June 26

During this period, seize the opportunity to amplify your progress across game modes and unlock new gear efficiently.

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What Time Will Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Double XP Start?

Harness the power of timing during the Double XP weekend to elevate your efficiency. The following start times are tailored to various regions:

Time Zone

Start Time

PST (NA West)

Thursday 10:00

CT (NA Central)

Thursday 12:00

ET (NA East)

Thursday 13:00


Thursday 18:00

CET (Europe)

Thursday 19:00

Optimize your gameplay sessions by aligning them with these timings, accelerating your progress during the Double XP weekend.

How Often Do We Get Double XP Events in Call of Duty?

Call of Duty MW2 Warzone 2 xp rewards

The rhythm of Double XP weekends forms a vital cadence in the Call of Duty realm. These weekends occur approximately every 4-6 weeks, serving as intervals of heightened progression. 

Beyond the regular schedule, they occasionally coincide with special events or significant announcements.

Staying Prepared with Double XP Tokens

While Double XP weekends provide a substantial boost, your tactical arsenal includes Double XP tokens available through the Battle Pass. 

Call of Duty MW2 Warzone 2 leveling up

This feature empowers you to strategically activate Double XP during non-event periods strategically, ensuring consistent growth. Be mindful of the investment required for the Battle Pass to assess its value against your objectives.

Where Does The Double XP Apply?


With your newfound understanding of MW2 Warzone 2 Double XP weekends, embark on an exhilarating journey of rapid progression. The synergy between strategic timing and astute gameplay guarantees a quantum leap in your ranks, Battle Pass, and weapon proficiency. 

With this guide, step onto the battlefield equipped to conquer, excel, and dominate with relentless enthusiasm.

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