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How to Get Paid for Playing Video Games: 38 Ways to Make Money

In today’s modern day and age, playing games online goes beyond entertainment. With the video game industry expanding to new heights, making money through this venture isn’t as complex as before. The only question is, how can you do it?

In this post, we’ll explore how to get paid for playing video games and the scams that avid gamers must avoid in the industry.

How to Make Money by Playing Video Games

1. Coaching Video Games

Since video game tournaments have become a lucrative industry, many competing teams and individuals look for professional gamers for coaching services to improve their gameplay and performance.

Depending on your experience, expertise, and reputation within the industry, earning money from video game coaching can range up to $20.87 per hour. However, it’s worth noting that it depends on your particular game.

A top-tier video game coach with significant achievements and rankings in the gaming market may charge higher than the previously mentioned rate.

lady playing video game

On top of that, the pricing can vary according to the arrangement requested. Some players you’ll teach may prefer one-on-one sessions, online group sessions, or even recorded game tutorials.

If you want to entice the gaming community with your coaching services, it’s wise to present your offerings through long-term coaching packages or subscription-based plans.

2. Conduct Video Game Classes

If coaching for gaming tournaments isn’t your strongest suit, you can make money playing video games through classes or workshops. Like coaching, you can conduct group or private sessions to help competitive gamers enhance their gaming skills.

You can also organize boot camp events and invite individuals who play video games to learn more about proper gameplay and other industry ropes. The ticket charges for these events will depend on factors such as the number of participants, the duration of the event, and the pricing structure. Typically, the participants must pay around $100 to $500 to attend.

3. Look for Play-to-Earn Game Apps

Another way to get paid for playing video games is through apps with real cash prizes. Here are some gaming sites you can try to win real money.

Blackout BINGO

Blackout Bingo

True to its name, it’s a mobile app you can download from Google Play Store, where users can play games related to bingo. You can earn money using these mobile games by participating in matches and winning.

While it’s true that making money through these online games is possible, this app’s average monthly earning range is only around $10 to $100. It’s suitable for gamers looking to earn extra money, but if you want more, it depends on your skill level and the time you invest in playing.

Solitaire Cash

If money-playing games are what you seek, you can’t cross out Solitaire Cash from your list. You can earn extra cash of up to $50 by completing challenges and online tournaments or achieving high scores within the app.

It’s also one of those free games where you can opt for gift cards or points instead of prize money. Nevertheless, you must ensure you love playing games because your earning depends on your skill and time invested.

Rewarded Play (Android)

Like other popular games on the list, earning money in Rewarded Play requires reaching certain milestones. After earning points, you can process the money online through Paypal or exchange it for gift cards.

man playing a computer game

While the money you’ll earn depends on the games you choose within the app, you can get between $5 to $50 or more if you dedicate enough time to play.

Mistplay (Android)

This mobile app includes specific games allowing players to earn money and points. You can redeem rewards like gift vouchers depending on the platform’s offers.

Bubble Cash

Through this app, players can access different bubble-shooting mobile video games. You must achieve high scores and complete milestones to earn points and exchange them for money, ranging up to $100 monthly.


Gamehag is one of those free online games where you must complete tasks to gain rewards. Players must reach specific levels and complete quests to obtain virtual points to exchange for money or other prizes.

Besides that, you can also gain additional points by leaving game reviews for the mobile app. Depending on your activity level and the available tasks, your earnings on this platform can reach more than $50.


4. Join All-Skill Level Game Tournaments

The most straightforward method to earn money playing video games is entering the world of competitive gaming. You may not know, but the e-sports market is consistently growing worldwide.

Reputable video game tournaments often offer cash and sponsorship prizes ranging from $12,000 to $187,200. However, this estimation still depends on the tournament’s scale and if you’re playing a popular game.

While it’s not impossible to make money playing video games in tournaments, remember that the gaming world is a competitive field. Regardless if you’re playing your favorite game, it’s worth noting that even elite gamers don’t always end up on top of the race.

5. Video Game Reporting

Besides earning money playing video games, gaming enthusiasts can consider a career as an industry reporter. You can apply for the role in a video game company or publication, giving you a more stable income of $30,000 to $40,000 yearly.

On top of that, you can also browse job boards for any freelance video game reporter opening. For this option, your income will depend on the assignments you secure and the rates you negotiate with clients.

playing on a laptop

It can be an unpredictable venture, but the job often includes writing video game reviews. Typically, each assignment range from $50 to $500 or more.

6. Video Games Tester or Quality Assurance Tester

As the video game industry expands, it also paves the way for many job opportunities. The perfect example of that is the role of a video game tester. Through this job, you must identify bugs, glitches, and other issues within the gaming system before its official release.

While video game testing will help you earn money, it often doesn’t offer long-term career growth unless you work for a big gaming company. Nevertheless, your average annual pay as a game tester is approximately $34,382.

7. Start Your Video Game YouTube Channel

Besides joining official tournaments, you can get paid for playing video games by uploading tutorial videos to a Youtube channel. Besides your favorite games, you can make money from content about anything new within the industry.

For every 1000 views of your video, Youtube will pay you an ad revenue of $18. If the content with adverts reaches a 1 million view count, you’ll get around $2,700[1] for one video of you playing your favorite games.

editing game videos for Youtube

While it’s a notable achievement to make money playing video games, you can gain more than monetary value in this venture. As your channel’s popularity grows, you have higher chances of receiving sponsorships and brand deals. Through this, you can make a name within the video game field.

If you want to expand your reach on Youtube, our gaming experts suggest steering away from your usual content and trying new games that are trendy in the industry.

8. Twitch Streaming

Another video platform you can consider for uploading your gaming content is Twitch. Besides adding ads to your content, this platform offers a subscription model that requires viewers to pay a monthly fee to access any uploads from you.

The charges range from $4.99 to $24.99, with 50% of the subscription fees going to the streamers.

Tips to Increase Revenue When Streaming Live

If you want to grow your viewership, remember to engage with your subscribers. You must respond to their comments and questions to foster a welcoming atmosphere that will attract additional revenue through subscriptions, ads, and donations.


Some people think making money playing video games is easy, but the reality is you must be consistent in your live streaming schedule. You can start recording at specific times to increase engagement and maintain viewer loyalty.

9. Crypto Gaming or Farm In-Game Currency

Crypto money gaming is the concept of integrating blockchain technology into video games. Through this, the players can farm non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or other digital assets with real-world value after exchange.

These games vary in payment rates, so you must thoroughly examine them before using this method to make money. Besides their play-to-earn models, actively playing can lead you to rare items you can trade for real-world money.

10. Make Video Game Guides

Each game has its dedicated community. More often than not, they’re searching the internet for tips and guides, like Stardew Valley game guide, to help them accomplish milestones and quests to get ahead of the game.

Gaming experts can leverage this curiosity and direct traffic to your website, where you post detailed know-how about the games they’re playing. If your site reaches a monthly page view of $5000, you could make $1000 to $5000.

playing computer game

11. Be a Video Game Journalist

As a journalist, you’ll cover all the news, reviews, previews, and other related content within the video game industry. Typically, these roles work under different media agencies, like online publications, magazines, newspapers, and video game-focused websites.

The salary range for this job varies, mainly because it depends on the employment circumstances. The wage estimation could range from $30,000 to $100,000 or more.

You should also note that a video games journalist covers significant gaming events and conducts exclusive interviews with industry professionals. Because of this, you must build credibility and excellent reputation within the community.

12. Sell Merchandise

As a community with a shared love for virtual characters, selling gaming apparel, accessories, collectibles, and artwork can be profitable. However, you must have enough credibility within the market for the buyers to trust your offerings.

The earnings you’ll obtain from selling merchandise depend on the games and products you choose. We suggest creating ones that align with your brand and resonate with your audience or niche.

Stardew Valley - Leah

13. Develop Your Own Video Game/App

While everyone can make money playing video games, only a few have the skills to create one. If you intend to make your own games without collaborating with studios, remember that you must invest time and money for their completion.

It’s also crucial to note that only around 15% of independent video game creators earn more than $1000 annually.

14. Be a Video Game Developer

It’s no secret that game developers are one of the core elements of this industry. While they don’t specifically make money playing video games, they must know their product’s ins and outs before launching it to the world.

If you choose to work as a video game developer in a corporate setting, the highest annual salary you can expect is up to $180,000. Meanwhile, the lowest salary rate for this role is around $50,500.

15. Video Game Design Coaching

Most players who spend hours gaming have a natural eye for becoming game designers. Besides trying to make money playing video games, you can teach others how to layout and design a game. However, you must still get proper education for this skill if you want a higher chance of getting the job.

Video Game Design Coaching

In the US, game designers working in companies have an average annual wage of $149,794. However, this salary calculation may still vary.

16. Be a Professional Gamer

You must be skilled enough to win in different esports tournaments if you want to be a professional gamer. Besides that, you must also engage in streaming channels or video platforms to build your fanbase. Through this, you can earn a consistent income stream.

17. Be an E-Sports Star/Commentator

This role is often sought-after for significant events and tournaments within the gaming community. While it’s not a job that involves playing video games, you need sufficient industry knowledge to fulfill your task. For every broadcast, you can expect a salary range of $700 to $1000.

18. Earn Money From Ads

As previously mentioned, many platforms allow users to earn through ad revenues. Our team recommends identifying your target market first before making video content on sites like Youtube.

Once you gain enough recognition within the platform and community, that’s the only time you can earn money from ads.

playing halo infinite

19. Amazon Affiliate Links

As an Amazon affiliate, you can earn commissions by promoting and linking to products on Amazon’s website.

However, you must ensure that the links you’re including are related to your content and niche, or it’ll negatively affect your followers. The commission rate for this ranges from 1% to 10%.

20. PayPal Donations or Reach Out to Potential Sponsors

You may not know, but most streaming platforms include Paypal donation options. Because of this, viewers can donate money directly to the players they’re watching on top of the subscription fee they’re paying.

On the other hand, you can also make money by reaching out to potential sponsors, such as gaming companies or brands related to your content. If they accept your proposal, these sponsors may provide financial support or free products in exchange for promoting their brand.

21. Customer Service at a Game Company

Every game requires dedicated customer service to handle complaints and inquiries. So if you’re a gaming enthusiast with excellent communication skills, this job is for you. A gaming support representative earns about $40,598 annually in the job market.

Video Game Design

22. Try Facebook Gaming

Like Youtube and Twitch, Facebook also has a dedicated platform for gaming content. You can monetize your page or profile through ad revenue, fan subscriptions, and donations from viewers. For every star sent your way during the live stream, you’ll get $0.01.

23. Be a Video Games Podcaster or Voice Over Artist

Podcasting about gaming content or providing voice-over services for game-related videos is another avenue to earn from playing video games. Again, your earning won’t have a fixed range and will depend on sponsorships, advertisements, and listener support.

24. Be a Video Game Bodyguard

Believe it or not, professional gamers and streamers sometimes require personal security at events. As a video game bodyguard, you are responsible for the safety of gaming personalities. Most VIP services for this role include a $5,000 salary.

25. Try Speedrunner

This tournament requires players to complete video games in record time. Most organizations hosting this event offer prize money for successful speedrunners, adding to your potential earnings.

26. Be a Composer or Foley Artist

Video games aren’t complete without original soundtracks. So if you have a passion for music or sound design, you can pursue a career as a composer or foley artist. A regular employee in this role is eligible for an average salary of $80,837 yearly. The rates differ for freelancing projects.

Foley Artists

27. Work as a Game Community Moderator

For this role, you’ll manage online communities, forums, and social media platforms related to the game. Many gaming companies open hiring for this job part-time or full-time, with a salary range of up to $106,000.

28. Work as a Tech Support for a Game Company

Since you’ll be assisting players with technical issues, troubleshooting, and providing solutions, tech support for a gaming company should also be a game enthusiast. Game development giants often have dedicated tech support teams to ensure smooth operations.

29. Game Artist (Art, Storyboard, MoCap, Concept, Environmental, UI, Character)

Gamers with a flair for art can contribute to the visual elements of video games. Remember that your earnings can vary depending on experience, project scope, and the studio’s budget when applying for this role.

30. Be a Game Translator

The gaming industry is a global market. Because of this, translation and localization services are in high demand.

You may not know, but companies need translators to adapt game content, including dialogue, text, and user interfaces, to different languages and cultures. You can expect an average annual salary of $39,500 to $57,000 for this job.

translating game script

31. Be a Graphic Designer/Animators (FX, Level Designer)

Other artists who can contribute to video games’ visual aspects are graphic designers and animators. This job requires creating graphics, animations, special effects, and level designs. If you manage to climb up the senior role, this position can give you $68,752 yearly.

32. Work as a Game Director and Convention Director

If you have enough experience and credentials, working as a game and convention director is a viable career option for gaming enthusiasts. As a director, you can oversee the development and execution of video game projects.

Meanwhile, the head of conventions requires extensive knowledge in organizing and managing events within the industry.

33. Modding Video Games

Existing video games are always searching for new resources to improve their gameplay. As a modder, you must create new levels, characters, items, or games using the pre-existing system and tools. The salary range for this role is similar to a game designer.

34. Be a Game Event Planner or Get Involved in Public Relations

Game event organizers often hire professional planners to handle logistics and scheduling to ensure a memorable experience for participants. For this tedious role, the annual compensation can go up to $69,909.

man using computer

35. PC Builders

Today’s modern video games often require high-performing PC setups. Thanks to this, the demand for PC builders within the community is relatively high. If you pursue this career, you can receive $36,000 to $81,000 yearly.

36. Work for a Gaming Authority Website

For this venture, you must provide news, reviews, and insights into the game industry. If you’re not knowledgeable in making content, you’ll need to hire writers, editors, and journalists. Nevertheless, the income from this venture still depends on your site’s scale.

37. Be a Professional Cosplayer

As a professional cosplayer, you can earn through appearances, photo shoots, sponsored content, and selling merchandise related to your cosplays. You can attract the gaming market by building a solid online presence through your creativity and craftsmanship.

38. Work as a Fact-Checker and Expert

With the unstoppable influence of gaming, industry leaders emphasize the importance of fact-checking information, debunking myths, and providing accurate insights by hiring experts.

You must collaborate with media outlets, publishers, and content creators to disseminate information appropriately.

using computer

Suspicious Practices and Scams To Avoid

First, never accept an offer with a fee upfront. While it’s true that some options have in-game purchases, other apps that claim to have a minimal payment to access their “free” game can be particularly shady.

On top of that, avoid paying to join a team or organization because reputable esports teams or gaming organizations typically don’t require these payments. You should also be wary of platforms asking for personal or financial information, such as social security numbers or bank account details.

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What games do you actually get paid to play?

The games that you can actually get paid to play are mobile apps like Bubble Cash, Blackout Bingo, and many more. You can also consider popular games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch.

What equipment do you need to get started?

It depends on the game you’re playing. If you’re downloading a mobile app, you only need a phone with proper specifications. Meanwhile, you must purchase the appropriate product with customization options and higher performance capabilities for games operated on a PC or console.

How soon can you get paid for playing video games?

It can range from immediate payments in esports competitions to a more extensive process of building an audience and monetizing content creation. If you want regular payment cycles, you can consider roles in game testing, designing, and development.


Playing video games will continue to be a lucrative income source as the industry expands. However, trust us when we say you must learn new skills and broaden your horizons to survive in this market.

With enough knowledge, you can tap different avenues within the community and make money through this craft.

Mathew has nursed a love of video games since childhood. Now, as an adult, he enjoys playing challenging games as much as he enjoys relating with other gamers. Matthew created Hypernia to give gamers like himself accurate and reliable information about games, servers, communication protocols, and much more.

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