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10 Best Fortnite Celebrity Skins

Fortnite is a popular battle royale game that has taken the gaming world by storm, with over 350 million players worldwide. One of the key aspects of Fortnite’s success is the ability for players to customize their in-game character with a variety of skins. 

These skins range from standard outfits to exclusive skins that are only available for a limited time or as part of a special promotion. Among the exclusive skins are celebrity skins, which feature the likenesses of popular personalities from various fields such as music, sports, and entertainment. 

In this discussion, we will explore the impact of Fortnite celebrity skins on the game and its players, as well as their popularity and significance in the gaming community.

List Of Celebrity Skins in Fortnite

1. Neymar Jr

In 2021, Neymar Jr. became the latest celebrity to have a skin release in Fortnite. The Neymar Jr. skin is available for purchase in the game’s item shop and features the football star in his PSG jersey, complete with his signature hairstyle and celebratory emotes. 

The skin also comes with additional unlockable styles and cosmetics that players can earn by completing in-game challenges.

FORT NeymarJr

Players can unlock a unique emote called “Shhh” and transform into the Jaguar, a suit that resembles Marvel’s Black Panther, after performing it in a game. 

The addition of the Jaguar suit through the “Shhh” emote provides an extra level of customization and engagement for players who want to show off their skills and style on the battlefield. 

The suit’s resemblance to Black Panther, a popular Marvel superhero, adds an extra layer of excitement and familiarity for fans of the comics and movies.

The addition of Neymar Jr.’s skin to Fortnite has generated excitement among both football and gaming fans. The skin allows players to embody one of the world’s most popular athletes in the virtual world and adds to the already impressive roster of celebrity skins in the game. 

In addition to his standalone skin, Neymar Jr. also made a significant impact on Fortnite as part of Chapter 2: Season 6 Battle Pass. 

As part of the Battle Pass, players could complete a series of challenges to unlock various Neymar Jr.-themed rewards, including an emote, a glider, and a pickaxe.

2. Marshmello

FORT Marshmellow

Marshmello is a popular American DJ and music producer known for his unique style of electronic dance music. In 2019, Marshmello became the first celebrity to have a skin released in Fortnite, which quickly became one of the game’s most popular skins. 

The Marshmello skin features the DJ in his signature white helmet and suit, and includes various accessories such as a backpack and a pickaxe. 

The skin also comes with an exclusive emote that allows players to “dance” like Marshmello, complete with the iconic “Marshmello head-bob”.

His default outfit is based on his signature look when performing live concerts, with the gloves, white shirt, and bottoms complemented by his iconic low smile and a helmet with an X. 

The Toasted Marshmello option, which changes up his outfit to black with a brownish-gold helmet, provides a darker and more dramatic look for players who prefer a different aesthetic. 

FORT Marshmello concert

This alternate style may be particularly appealing to players who want to stand out on the battlefield or who prefer a more edgy and daring look.

In addition to the skin, Marshmello also made an appearance in Fortnite with a special in-game concert event. The event, which took place in February 2019, allowed players to attend a virtual concert featuring a live performance by Marshmello. 

The concert was a massive success, with over 10 million players logging in to watch the performance. 

The Marshmello skin and concert event were significant milestones for Fortnite, demonstrating the game’s ability to incorporate real-world celebrities into its gameplay in a meaningful way. 

3. Major Lazer

Major Lazer is an electronic music group consisting of DJs Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Ape Drums. In 2020, Major Lazer collaborated with Fortnite to release a set of skins and accessories inspired by the group’s unique style and aesthetic. 

FORT Major Lazer

The Major Lazer set includes three skins based on the group’s members, each with their own unique style and accessories. The set also includes a back bling, a pickaxe, and an emote that allows players to “dance” like Major Lazer.

The collaboration between Major Lazer and Fortnite was a successful one, with the skins and accessories proving to be popular among players. The set also included a special game mode called “Lazerism”, which featured a new map and a soundtrack of Major Lazer’s music. 

The collaboration also highlighted the growing intersection between music and gaming, with many artists using games like Fortnite as a platform to reach new audiences and promote their music.

4. LeBron James

The LeBron James skin features the basketball star in his iconic Los Angeles Lakers uniform, complete with his signature headband and sneakers. 

The skin also includes various accessories such as a back bling, a pickaxe, and an emote that allows players to “show off” like LeBron. In addition to his Los Angeles Lakers uniform skin, LeBron James also has a Tune Squad outfit available in Fortnite. 


The outfit is based on the jersey that LeBron wears in the movie “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, where he plays a fictionalized version of himself alongside the Looney Tunes characters. 

It  also included a special in-game event called “King’s Bling”, which allowed players to compete in a series of challenges to earn additional rewards and cosmetics. 

The challenges were designed to incorporate LeBron James’ basketball skills into the game, with players needing to make accurate shots and use strategic teamwork in order to progress.

5. Ariana Grande & Spacefarer Ariana

In 2021, Ariana Grande became the latest celebrity to be featured in Fortnite, with the release of a special in-game concert event and a set of skins based on her iconic style. 

All of her outfits are inspired by the galactic and interstellar theme of the Rift Tour event, which adds an extra layer of excitement and uniqueness to the skins. 

The standard outfit, which is completely silver and covered in glitter, is a standout skin that reflects Ariana Grande’s signature style and image. 

The skin’s eye-catching design and attention to detail make it a popular choice among Fortnite players who want to show off their support for the artist and her music.

FORT Space Arianna

The concert event, called “Rift Tour”, allowed players to attend a virtual concert featuring a live performance by Ariana Grande. The event was a massive success, with over 12 million players logging in to watch the performance. 

The event also included various interactive elements, such as special effects and in-game challenges, that further engaged the players.

The Ariana Grande skin set includes two skins: the “Ariana Grande” skin and the “Spacefarer Ariana” skin. The “Ariana Grande” skin features the singer in her signature look, complete with her iconic ponytail and an oversized sweater. The “Spacefarer Ariana” skin features a futuristic look, with Grande dressed in a silver spacesuit and cosmic accessories.

6. Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka is a professional tennis player and one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. 

In 2021, Naomi Osaka became the latest athlete to be featured in Fortnite, with the release of a special in-game outfit and accessory set based on her unique style and personality. 

FORT Naomi

The Naomi Osaka outfit features the tennis star in a colorful and stylish outfit that reflects her Japanese and Haitian heritage. 

The outfit also includes various accessories, such as a back bling, a pickaxe, and a special “Yonex Ezone” tennis racket that pays homage to Osaka’s sponsorship with the Japanese tennis equipment brand.

In addition to the outfit, Naomi Osaka also worked with Fortnite to promote mental health awareness, with the game featuring messages of support and resources for those struggling with mental health issues. 

The collaboration highlighted Osaka’s advocacy for mental health and brought attention to an important issue that affects many people around the world.

Fortnite also released an alternate style called “Court Queen” that features the tennis star in a vibrant pink and black outfit. The Court Queen style includes its own unique set of accessories, including a pink and black “Sakura” back bling and a pink and black “Eclipse Edge” pickaxe. 

The Naomi Osaka skin set also includes a variant outfit called “Dark Priestess”, which features a dark and mystical aesthetic. The Dark Priestess outfit includes its own unique set of accessories, such as a “Dark Splitter” pickaxe and a “Soulfire Chains” back bling.

7. Travis Scott

FORT Travis scott

Travis Scott is a popular rapper and musician who collaborated with the video game Fortnite to create an in-game concert experience called “Astronomical” in April 2020. 

As part of this collaboration, a Travis Scott skin was made available in Fortnite for players to purchase and use in the game.

The Travis Scott skin features the rapper in his signature style, complete with a Cactus Jack outfit and a microphone prop. Players who purchased the skin could use it to customize their in-game avatar [1] and participate in the Astronomical event.  

The design of Travis Scott’s Fortnite skin is simple yet recognizable, with a focus on his trademark style and branding. The skin features his distinct Cactus Jack logo on the back of his shirtless torso, as well as on his backpack and other accessories.

The sand-colored cargo trousers and cross necklace are also key elements of Travis Scott’s personal fashion style, which has become closely associated with his music and image as a celebrity. 

By incorporating these elements into his Fortnite skin design, the collaboration was able to capture the essence of his brand and persona in a way that would resonate with fans of both the game and the artist.

The Travis Scott skin was only available for a limited time during the collaboration event, and it is not currently available for purchase in the game. 

However, Fortnite often releases limited-time skins and collaborations with popular brands and celebrities, so there may be opportunities in the future to obtain similar exclusive skins.

8. Chloe Kim

FORT Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim is a professional snowboarder and X-Games gold medalist who has represented the United States in the Winter Olympics. Her Fortnite skin features her in a winter outfit, complete with a snowboard and helmet. 

Players can purchase the skin from the in-game item shop and use it to customize their in-game avatar.

It is not uncommon for Fortnite to collaborate with notable athletes and celebrities to create unique skins and events, and Chloe Kim’s addition to the game is an example of this trend. 

Fortnite’s frequent updates and collaborations help to keep the game fresh and exciting for players, while also providing a platform for popular figures to reach new audiences.

Her default style features a distinctive dragon print design on her left leg, which adds a touch of flair and personality to the overall look. 

The Back to Back style you mentioned, which swaps out the white and grey color scheme for black and gold, provides a more striking and bold appearance. 

This alternate style may appeal to players who prefer a darker aesthetic or who want to stand out on the battlefield. The Pink Poppies version you described, with its blue and pink jumpsuit and lack of a hat, creates a more playful and colorful look. 

This version may be particularly appealing to players who like to express themselves through their in-game fashion choices.

9. Marco Reus

FORT Marco Reus

Marco Reus is a German professional soccer player who has played for both Borussia Dortmund and the German national team. His Fortnite skin features him in his signature soccer uniform, complete with his number 11 jersey and cleats. 

Players who purchase the skin can use it to customize their in-game avatar and show their support for Reus and his teams.

In addition to the Reus skin, it sounds like there is also a Marcinho set that players can obtain. This set may include additional cosmetic items or accessories that are themed around Reus or his soccer career. 

It’s great to know that the skin features his German national team uniform, which helps to further tie the collaboration to the UEFA Euro 2020 soccer tournament.

The Germany home kit is a classic design, featuring a white and black color scheme with bold black stripes on the shoulders and sleeves. 

Reus’ squad number 11 is a significant part of his personal brand and soccer career, so it’s fitting that it is included on the skin to help players identify with the player and his style.

By incorporating these details into the Reus skin design, Fortnite is able to offer a unique and recognizable look that soccer fans can appreciate. 

This helps to expand the game’s appeal to a wider audience, while also creating new opportunities for collaboration and partnership with sports organizations and athletes.

10. Harry Kane

FORT Harry Kane

Harry Kane is an English professional soccer player who currently plays as a striker for the Tottenham Hotspur club in the English Premier League, as well as the English national team. He is known for his scoring ability and leadership skills on the field. 

It’s interesting to note that the UEFA championships were not held in 2020 due to COVID-19, despite the promotional collaboration between Fortnite and UEFA. 

As part of a collaboration with UEFA Euro 2020, Harry Kane was featured in Fortnite as a playable character with his own unique skin. 

The skin features Kane in his England national team uniform, complete with the team’s white and navy blue kit and his squad number 9 emblazoned on his top.

This is an example of how global events and circumstances can impact collaborations and partnerships in unexpected ways. 

However, despite the postponement of the tournament, the Harry Kane Fortnite skin still provides a fun and engaging way for soccer fans to show their support for the player and the England national team.

The release of Harry Kane’s skin during Season 7 of Chapter 2 also underscores the ongoing popularity and growth of Fortnite as a game and cultural phenomenon. 

Fortnite’s frequent collaborations with celebrities and organizations help to keep the game relevant and exciting for players, while also providing opportunities for self-expression and creativity.

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FORT John Wick

Wrapping Up

To choose the best celebrity skin for you in Fortnite, consider factors such as the skin’s style, familiarity with the celebrity, functionality, and rarity. Your personal preferences and interests should guide your decision. 

Take the time to explore the available options and find the skin that matches your preferred style and aesthetic, aligns with your gameplay preferences, and offers the most enjoyable experience for you.

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