Sea of Thieves - Crooks Hollow quest Sea of Thieves

Crook’s Hollow in Sea of Thieves — Your Quick Guide

This discussion will focus on exploring the history, lore, and challenges of Crook’s Hollow, as well as the secrets hidden on the island.

What Is Crook’s Hollow?

Crook’s Hollow is a legendary location in the video game Sea of Thieves. Crook’s Hollow is in the East center of the game’s map, specifically in Quadrant Q19. It is positioned to the Northwest of The Crow’s Nest Fortress and the East of Snake Island.  

It is a treacherous island known for its dangerous cliffs, hidden caves, and secrets. Many pirates venture here to seek adventure and riches, but navigating the island’s terrain is challenging, and many never return from their quests.

Crook’s Hollow Features

Sea of Thieves - Crooks Hollow quest


The otherworldly ambient sounds that can be heard on Crook’s Hollow from midnight until 2 AM may reference a hoax created by Sea of Thieves Partner Captain Falcore, known as the “Bald Lady of Crook’s Hollow.”

Wrapping Up

It’s important to remember that the island’s dangers may pose a risk to inexperienced players, so it’s essential to come prepared with the right tools and strategies to navigate the island safely.

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