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How to Claim DLC Items in Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI has taken the gaming world by storm with its captivating storyline and immersive gameplay. Beyond its core adventure, Square Enix has sweetened the deal by offering pre-order bonuses and downloadable content (DLC) items to enhance the gaming experience. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of claiming these bonuses and provide details on the exciting goodies that await you in the world of Final Fantasy XVI.

Claiming Pre-Order Bonuses & DLC Items in Final Fantasy XVI

Pre-order Window and Eligibility

As a devoted Final Fantasy fan, you must have been thrilled by the prospect of pre-ordering Final Fantasy XVI to get your hands on the game early. Alongside the early access, Square Enix entices players with exclusive pre-order bonuses that can enhance their journey. 

However, it’s crucial to note that pre-order bonuses are only available to those who purchased the game before its official release date. Therefore, if you missed the pre-order window, you won’t be able to claim these rewards. Nevertheless, don’t fret, as the adventure still awaits!

FF16 Intro

Completing the Full Demo for DLC Availability

For those who successfully pre-ordered Final Fantasy XVI, your journey begins with a mesmerizing prologue. To gain access to the coveted DLC items, you must first complete this engaging demo. 

The prologue takes approximately two hours to complete and serves as a thrilling introduction to the world of Final Fantasy XVI. Once you’ve completed the prologue, you’ll unlock the gateway to your well-earned DLC rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide to Claiming DLC Items and Pre-Order Bonuses

Now that you’ve completed the prologue, it’s time to claim your hard-earned DLC items and pre-order bonuses. Follow this simple step-by-step guide:

Open the Menu

Launch Final Fantasy 16 and press the “Options” button on your PS5 controller to access the game’s main menu.

Navigate to the "System" Tab

System Settings Redeemable Items FF16

Within the main menu, press “R2” to navigate to the “System” tab. This section contains various game-related settings and options.

Access the "Redeemable Items" Submenu

Once you’re in the “System” tab, press “R1” to move to the “Redeemable Items” submenu. Here is where you’ll find your hard-earned DLC items.

Claim Your Bonuses

With the “Redeemable Items” submenu open, hover over each DLC item you wish to claim and press the “X” button to add them to your inventory. Congratulations! You’ve successfully claimed your DLC rewards.

FF16 Pre-Order Bonuses

Description of Available Editions

Before we delve into the specifics of the pre-order bonuses, let’s briefly discuss the available editions for FinalFantasy XVI pre-orders. 

Square Enix offered three editions for pre-order: Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition. Each edition catered to different gaming preferences and budgets, allowing players to choose their ideal adventure.

Uniformity of Pre-Order Bonuses

Claiming Items FF16

Despite the differences between the editions, all three offered the same three pre-order bonuses. These goodies aim to give players a head start in their journey and provide valuable advantages to aid them throughout the game.

List and Description of Pre-Order Bonuses

Scholar’s Spectacles

The Scholar’s Spectacles grant a 10% increase in the number of experience points (EXP) earned by your character. This valuable item will expedite your leveling process, allowing you to develop your character’s skills and abilities more efficiently.

Cait Sith Charm

The Cait Sith Charm offers a 10% boost in the amount of Gil earned in battles and quests. Gil, the in-game currency, is essential for purchasing items, equipment, and services, making this charm a valuable asset for any adventurer.


The Braveheart is an ancient hooked Longsword, a powerful weapon that will undoubtedly become a cherished companion throughout your journey. Its unique design and exceptional attributes will aid you in facing the challenges that await in the world of Final Fantasy 16.

Braveheart Equipped FF16v


Final Fantasy 16, the latest installment in the iconic RPG [1] franchise offers an exciting array of pre-order bonuses and DLC items to enrich your gaming experience. By following our step-by-step guide, you can effortlessly claim these rewards and embark on your journey with a head start. 

However, don’t limit yourself to just the bonuses; explore the game’s rich world, uncover its mysteries, and delve into its captivating Active Time Lore system while mastering your Abilities and Skills. We hope this guide has been helpful, and we wish you a thrilling adventure in Final Fantasy 16!

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