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Is Diablo 4 Crossplay? + Co-Op Features: Multiplayer Mayhem Unleashed!

Diablo 4, the well-loved title from Blizzard Entertainment, brings thrilling demon-slaying adventures to players across various platforms. One of the game’s most exciting features is crossplay, enabling gamers to join forces and battle Lilith together, regardless of whether they are on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of crossplay and co-op in Diablo 4, how it works, and how you can team up with your friends to take on the forces of darkness.

Diablo 4 Crossplay: Uniting Players Across Platforms

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Crossplay in Diablo 4 is a groundbreaking feature that allows players to connect and play together seamlessly, regardless of their gaming platform. Whether on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X or S, PS4, or Xbox One, you can easily create parties with your friends on 

This groundbreaking integration opens up a new world of possibilities, enabling players from different platforms to share the same epic journey through Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Cross Progression: Continuity Across Devices

The cross-progression feature in Diablo 4 is another game-changer. It lets players carry their progress across multiple platforms with the condition that they are connected to their account. This means you can seamlessly switch between PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X. 

However, cross-progression doesn’t extend simultaneously to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. You must purchase a game copy for each system to enjoy cross-progression across these platforms.

Starting Online Co-op in Diablo 4

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Playing co-op in Diablo 4 is an exhilarating experience, and starting an online co-op session is simple. To begin, access the map screen and open the Social tab. Here, you’ll see your friends listed on the screen. 

If the person you wish to connect with isn’t on the list, you can easily add them by using the “Add a Friend” prompt at the bottom of the page. You can add their email ad or BattleTag from the game, eliminating the need to go to the website.

Once your friends appear on your list, you can initiate co-op play by choosing their names and clicking “Invite to Party” or “Request to Join Party.” Once the invitation is accepted, your co-op partner will appear next to you in the game world.

It’s essential to note that co-op partners don’t automatically teleport to each other’s location, so using the Diablo 4 fast travel feature will help you converge quickly.

Couch Co-op in Diablo 4

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The excitement of couch co-op awaits players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This feature allows players to collaborate with a buddy locally on the same console, making it perfect for those who prefer in-person multiplayer experiences. 

The best part is that only one copy of Diablo 4 is needed to play couch co-op. However, each player requires a account to join the session.

Is Diablo 4 couch co-op on PC?

No, Diablo 4 does not support couch co-op on PC. Couch co-op, which allows players to play locally on the same console, is available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles [1]. However, it is not made available for PC users. 

Diablo 4’s couch co-op feature is limited to console versions of the game, and PC players will need to rely on online co-op to play with their friends.

Limitations of Couch Co-op for PC Players

While couch co-op is a welcome addition for console gamers, it’s important to note that PC players to date don’t have access to this feature. 

This limitation is due to technical constraints that prevent two accounts from being signed in simultaneously from a single computer. As a result, PC gamers will need to stick to online co-op to join forces with their friends in Diablo 4.


Diablo 4’s crossplay and co-op features have taken multiplayer gaming to a new level. Players can now unite with friends across platforms, forge epic alliances, and confront the dark forces threatening Sanctuary together. 

Whether you’re slaying demons on your PC or console, the excitement of co-op play is readily available. So, gather your friends, equip your most potent gear, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Diablo 4’s crossplay and co-op universe!

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