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Final Fantasy XV Photos Option — Your Quick Guide

Welcome to another gamer blog post. Today we are discussing the hot topic of Final Fantasy XV. Many gamers have been playing this game and may have come across the Menu Option called Photos. So, what exactly is this option for? Let’s take a look.

What is the Menu Option Called Photos?

Photos is a menu option on Final Fantasy XV’s Archives that allows players to view the saved images Prompto Argentum has taken. 

Prompto can use his camera to take pictures at the party whenever he wants. His leisure skill improves as he takes more photos and rests at campsites and lodgings. 

Leveling up Photography will earn new filters and Prompto will begin to take selfies, close-ups in battle, and finally, photos in which he is not holding the camera himself. 

Final Fantasy XV Photos

In the Archives, the photos are classified as “Auto-snaps” or “Manual-snaps”. These were previously known as “Prompto’s photos” and “Noctis’ photos.” 

On Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, there are no photo options, but the party has taken photos on their smartphones [1] for the tours. Despite having phones, the party only uses cameras for pictures in the final game.

The player can choose which filters to use and how frequently from the photo menu. There are four options: random, often, sometimes, and never. 

Frames for sharing the images online were added in a patch. The player could also purchase an Assassin photo frame from the Final Fantasy XV: Assassin’s Festival for 90 medallions.

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