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Escape from Tarkov Vitamins – Part 1

In the unforgiving world of Escape from Tarkov, survival depends on your resourcefulness, skills, and the connections you make. Among the various quests that challenge players, “Vitamins – Part 1” emerges as a unique mission that delves into the mysterious contents of chemical containers, promising both intrigue and rewards. 

Skier, one of the game’s intriguing characters, tasks players with the mission, hinting at the potential significance of these containers.

Vitamins – Part 1 Quest Dialogue

Ah, it’s you… Long time no see. I thought maybe you got whacked, but, as it turns out, you’re a bit of a diehard. Whatever, you’re alive and that’s good, so listen here. People say there’s a new product on the market, some stuff in fancy chemical containers, like your gun silencer, but a bit larger. 

What’s inside them, whether it’s new drugs or just some vitamin B, no fucking idea whatsoever. And that’s what we need to find out. I bet that the blue-barrel shit from Polikhim is somehow connected to this, but I don’t know for a fact. 

These containers were seen at the resort, and one pal of mine claims to have seen them with EMERCOM people at the Interchange, but he was in delirium at that time, so maybe it’s just his imagination… 

To cut the long story short, find me a few of those containers, I have a couple of eggheads who might figure out what the fuck is inside.”


The quest “Vitamins – Part 1” is comprised of several stages, each involving the acquisition and delivery of chemical containers:

  1. Obtain the first Chemical container on Shoreline.
  2. Hand over the first container.
  3. Obtain the second Chemical container on Interchange.
  4. Hand over the second container.
  5. Obtain the third Chemical container on Interchange.
  6. Hand over the third container.


Completing the quest comes with significant rewards, underscoring its importance in your Tarkov journey:

Reward Dialogue

“Oh, so you actually brought some? Splendid! Hands still intact after touching all these chems? I’ll get the eggheads working then, let them tinker with the stuff.”


Navigating the quest “Vitamins – Part 1” requires your attention to specific details, access to essential keys, and traversal across two distinct maps: Shoreline and Interchange.

Required Items

For a successful quest completion, you must possess the following keys:

Get the First Chemical Container

The initial container is located on the Shoreline map. Armed with the Office 112 Key, your journey starts at the resort. Ascend to the west wing’s first floor and locate the designated door. Unlock it using the key and proceed inside.

Inside a refrigerator on the top shelf, concealed behind an open door, lies the elusive Chemical container. Retrieve it with care and promptly make your way to the extraction point. Hand over the container to Skier to avoid any potential losses in the treacherous Tarkov environment.

Get Second and Third Container

The quest’s subsequent stages unfold on the Interchange map. Remember to bring along the EMERCOM key for access. Upon entering the area, head towards the central intersection, just outside Goshan. From this vantage point, Mantis should be visible on the left.

Proceed into Mantis and locate a medical cart where the Chemical container is placed within an open metal tin. After securing it, leave the store and navigate to EMERCOM, situated around the corner.

Inside, search for a similar container placed within a tin, mirroring the one previously obtained. Make your way back to Skier to turn both of the items in.

Completing the quest’s objectives demands strategic planning, precise execution, and a deep understanding of Tarkov’s intricacies. The significance of these chemical containers, whether they harbor essential vitamins or something more enigmatic, remains a central mystery in the Escape from Tarkov universe.


The quest “Vitamins – Part 1” is a testament to Escape from Tarkov’s intricate storytelling and immersive gameplay [1]. Skier’s cryptic dialogue, the hunt for chemical containers, and the allure of rewards make this quest a compelling endeavor. 

As players engage with Tarkov’s complex narrative and explore its dynamic maps, they inch closer to unraveling the enigma surrounding these containers. In the relentless pursuit of survival, every mission undertaken becomes a crucial piece of the larger puzzle that is Escape from Tarkov.

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