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Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part 3 — Mastering the Art of Arsenal Customization

The world of Escape from Tarkov is as unforgiving as it is immersive, demanding skill, strategy, and resourcefulness. One of the most engaging aspects of the game is the Gunsmith series of quests, offering players the opportunity to showcase their weapon modification prowess. 

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Gunsmith Part 3, shedding light on its significance, challenges, and strategies to triumph.

Overview of the Gunsmith Part 3 Quest

The Gunsmith Part 3 quest in Escape from Tarkov presents an intricate challenge that pushes your weapon customization skills to the limit. Mechanic, the elusive trader, seeks a modified MP5 that adheres to specific criteria. 

Your mission is to craft an MP5 that boasts optimal attributes, striking a balance between ergonomics, recoil, weight, and more. Successfully completing this quest not only demonstrates your prowess but also unlocks a range of rewards that enhance your arsenal and reputation.

Quest Requirements

Before embarking on the Gunsmith Part 3 quest, players must fulfill the following prerequisites:

Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part 3

Player Level

Reach level 15 to unlock the quest line and access more advanced weapons and attachments.

Completion of Previous Quests

Gunsmith Part 3 follows Gunsmith Part 2. Players must successfully complete the earlier quest to unlock the current one.

Acquisition of Components

Players need to acquire specific components and tools necessary for the modifications outlined in the quest.

Completing the Gunsmith Part 3 Quest

The Gunsmith Part 3 quest revolves around crafting a formidable MP5 variant, tailored to Mechanic’s exacting specifications. Before embarking on this quest, it’s essential to understand the criteria for the MP5 build:


Mechanic insists on a weapon with a durability rating of at least 60.

Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part 3 gear preset


The MP5 should possess an ergonomics value of 45 or higher.


Keep recoil in check, ensuring it doesn’t exceed 200.

Sighting Range

Maintain a sighting range of 200 or greater.


The weapon should be no heavier than 4 kg.

Tactical Devices and Silencer

Include a tactical device like the NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM module and a silencer.

Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part 3 weapon preset


Equip the HK MP5 9×19 X Products X-5 50-round drum magazine.

Items for Gunsmith Part 3

Gunsmith Part 3 is a milestone in the larger Gunsmith quest series, requiring players to modify firearms with precision and attention to detail. Completing this segment entails meeting specific modification criteria for a designated weapon, a task that necessitates a careful selection of items. 

As the complexity of the modifications increases, so too does the importance of securing the right gear. To successfully fulfill the objective, construct the MP5 for Mechanic using the subsequent components:



Loyalty Level

NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-module



HK MP5SD 9×19 sound suppressor



HK MP5SD 9X19 upper receiver 



HK MP5SD polymer handguard 



HK MP5SD B&T tri-rail ring mount

Mechanic | Peacekeeper 

LL2 (Barter) | LL2 

HK MP5 9X19 X Products X-5 50-round drum magazine

Mechanic | Peacekeeper

LL2 (Barter) | LL2 (Barter)

Rewards for Completing Gunsmith Part 3

As with any challenging endeavor, the satisfaction of completing Gunsmith Part 3 is a reward in itself. 

Escape from Tarkov Gunsmith Part 3 weapon

However, Battlestate Games recognizes the dedication and effort players invest in conquering this quest, and they generously offer a range of rewards to acknowledge and celebrate this achievement. Thus, you will be entitled to the following benefits:


Mastering the intricacies of Gunsmith Part 3 is a testament to your dedication and skill within Escape from Tarkov [1]. By meticulously customizing the MP5 to meet Mechanic’s stringent requirements, you not only enhance your arsenal but also symbolize the spirit of survival that defines the game. 

As you venture forth into the tumultuous realm of Tarkov, armed with your modified MP5, remember that this journey is as significant as the destination it leads you to. Embrace the challenge, rise to the occasion, and emerge as a true master of arsenal customization in Escape from Tarkov.

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