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Destiny 2 Unfinished Business Quest — How to Acquire the Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has introduced a powerful new Exotic weapon known as the Deterministic Chaos, a Void heavy machine gun that unleashes Void debuffs on every fourth and sixteenth shot. 

Players must embark on the “Unfinished Business” quest to obtain this sought-after weapon, which becomes available once you accomplish the Lightfall campaign. Here, we will delve into the step-by-step process of completing this quest, discovering Cloud Accretions, and navigating the challenges that await in Neomuna.

How to Begin the "Unfinished Business" Quest

Step 1: Initiate

To initiate the “Unfinished Business” quest, players must first complete the main storyline of the Lightfall expansion. 

Destiny 2 unfinished business

Upon its conclusion, head over to the Hall of Heroes, and a conversation with Nimbus will trigger the quest, setting players on another thrilling journey through the vibrant and neon-hued Neptune city of Neomuna.

Step 2: Collecting Cipher Qubits and Extracting Data

In the first phase of the quest, players must obtain cipher qubits from the Vex on Neomuna. These valuable items can be obtained by defeating Vex enemies scattered across the region. 

The Vex Incursion Zone in Neomuna is a reliable spot to find high volumes of these cipher qubits. Players can get Rohan’s data from Cloud Accretions with eight cipher qubits, so forty qubits are needed. 

These planetary materials are spread throughout Neomuna and can be easily located using the “Detector” Ghost mods, highlighting Cloud Accretions when players are close.

Step 3: Navigating Maya's Retreat and Facing Vex Attacks

After gathering the data, players are tasked with locating the final data packet hidden within Maya’s Retreat. Following the quest marker from Liming Harbor, players will encounter waves of enemies they must conquer before claiming the crucial data packet.

Destiny 2 recovering data packet

A Vex attack awaits players in Maya’s Retreat, testing their combat prowess. Defeating the enemies and recovering the data packet from the Vex Conflux is essential for progressing further in the quest.

Step 4: Regrouping in Radiosonde with Nimbus and Osiris

Players must reunite with Nimbus and Osiris at Radiosonde, found at the bottom of the Neomuna map. Following the waypoints, players navigate Liming Harbor to reach the meeting point and uncover crucial information from Rohan’s notes.

Step 5: Obtaining the Vex Compass and Creating Chaos in Ahimsa Park

The next step involves acquiring a Vex compass from the Liming Harbor’s Lost Sector. Players will venture through the Lost Sector, battling enemies to loot the chest and secure the compass.

To keep the Shadow Legion forces away from Calus’s ship, players must create chaos in Ahimsa Park. Utilizing their skills to win over combatants generates mayhem, achieving the objective and advancing the quest.

Step 6: Receiving the Seed of Silver Wings and returning to Nimbus

After causing enough chaos, players will be directed through Calus’s ship to reach a significant room. Defeating enemies will reward players with the ability to collect the Seed of Silver Wings on a wall, another crucial component to creating the passkey. 

Destiny 2 obtaining seed of silver wings

After this, players must speak again to Nimbus to create Rohan’s passkey to access the Black Garden.

Step 7: Completing the "What Remains" Mission

The penultimate step points players to the Black Garden to complete the “What Remains” mission. Nimbus tasks you to look for The Conceptual Mind and collect its memory core. 

After this challenging mission full of enemies, players will be rewarded with finding the highly-coveted Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun. Return to Nimbus with their requested item to progress the questline.

Step 8: Honoring the Fallen at the Hall of Heroes

The final phase of the “Unfinished Business” quest requires players to return to the Hall of Heroes to honor Rohan’s memorial. Here, players will have a last cutscene, capping off the quest and solidifying their heroic journey.

How do you get the unfinished business quest in Destiny 2?

As for the Lightfall expansion, completing the main campaign will unlock the “Unfinished Business” quest in Destiny 2. 

Destiny 2 finding conceptual minds

Once the main storyline is finished, players can visit Nimbus in Neomuna, and they will provide the quest, setting you on a new adventure to acquire  the Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun. 

Explore Neomuna, face challenges, and follow the quest steps to uncover the secrets of the Vex and complete the “Unfinished Business” quest.

How do I progress in Unfinished Business?

In Destiny 2: Lightfall, complete the main campaign to unlock the “Unfinished Business” exotic quest. 

Visit Nimbus in Neomuna to start the quest. Collect cipher qubits from Vex and extract data from Cloud Accretions—progress through the quest, facing challenges and regrouping with NPCs [1].

Deatiny 2 Nimbus in Neomuna

The goal is to help uncover the secrets of the Vex and obtain the Deterministic Chaos exotic machine gun. Always refer to official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information on quest progression.


The Destiny 2 “Unfinished Business” quest is a thrilling and rewarding adventure that ultimately grants players the powerful Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun. Throughout the journey, players will face formidable foes, uncover secrets of the Vex, and pay homage to those who came before them. 

Following this comprehensive guide, aspiring Guardians can embark on this quest and add the Deterministic Chaos to their arsenal, ensuring their supremacy in the battles in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

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