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Fixed: “Client Failed to Register With Server” on Fortnite

Lately, many players have complained of running into the “client failed to register with server” error message on Fortnite. This affected their connection to the game server for some time. To help you navigate through this error anytime you run into it, our technical team has put this guide together.

3 Tested Solutions to the Client Registration Failed Error on Fortnite

Fix #1: Lower Ping

Your network connection is the first thing to check if you run into this type of error. You will need to check if the ping is not higher than normal. 

ideal ping in Fortnite

The best ping to join the Fortnite server is between 50ms-100ms. Anything above this number will either cause lag, or you cannot join the game at all.

To ensure that your ping is optimal, close all running applications in the background. You may also contact your ISP to learn how to decrease your network ping.

Fix #2: Reduce Backpack Space

Another tested solution for this error is to decrease your backpack space. You may have limited space in your backpack which may cause the server connection to fail. It will try to load all the game resources, which can cause the game to collapse.

managing backpack space

The best way to solve this problem is to ensure that you don’t fill your backpack with items over 50%. This will help ensure that the game is in an optimal state.

Fix #3: Reduce Armor Spaces

The game also loads the armor resources, therefore, if the armored space is filled up, the game will run into this error. 

Ensure that you do not fill up the armor space, but empty it to at least 80% if you have it filled up. This will tremendously improve your game experience and make it easy for the game to join the server, even a Fortnite private server, without a problem.


The reasons we have listed in this guide are the most common ones most players have encountered in the game. Fortunately, the “client failed to register with server” error on Fortnite can be easily solved by easing the ping [1] and other game requirements. 

If you are unable to fix this error, immediately get in touch with Fornite’s support.

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