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Fortnite Private Server

Fortnite has become one of the most popular games in the world and with that popularity comes a lot of unlicensed servers offering private games. 

In this guide, we’ll show how you can download a Fortnite private server and everything you need to know about them.

How to Download a Private Server in Fortnite

To play on a private server, you must have a code from a YouTuber that has granted access to you. It can either be donated or paid for because you will have the privilege of sharing the Fortnite battlefield with your idol. 

To receive the login code, simply follow the simple steps outlined below:

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How to Have a Private Server in Fortnite

If you are a YouTuber or a streamer and want to create your own private Fortnite server, here are the requirements for obtaining a private server. 

Before anything, you must sign up for the Support a Creator program. As per the Fortnite rules, the following are the qualifications for enrolling in this program:

epic games account

After fulfilling all of the developer’s requirements, you must visit the Epic Games official website and click on the Order Now Button.

Then, open Fortnite and enter all of the information needed by Epic Games, such as room address, social networks, phone numbers, and the location where the nearest server is situated.

Tick off the button and make sure X is placed in the section “having over a thousand followers on video transmission platforms.” To enter, enable the two-factor authentication [1]. 

Afterward, agree to the terms of the Affiliate Agreement and the Conduct Agreement and click the Send button. Now, you need to wait for Epic Games to review and accept your request. 

The confirmation can take up to a month, and you will be notified via email whether your request was granted. This includes the unique code that you can use to invite your friends to the private game.

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