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Unlocking the Past: How to Play Previous Wordles and Relive the Challenge

Wordle, the popular web-based word-guessing game, has captivated players worldwide with its daily challenges. However, its rule of allowing one puzzle per day can leave some players craving more. 

However, the desire to access past Wordle puzzles has led to a quest for solutions to unlock the game’s time vault. Thus, in this article, we explore various methods to play old Wordles and satisfy your craving for more brain-teasing fun.

Wordle and its One-Puzzle-a-Day Rule

Wordle has taken the online gaming world by storm with its addictive and intellectually stimulating gameplay. Created by Josh Wardle, the game presents players with a five-letter word puzzle to solve within six attempts. 

Each correct guess reveals the letters’ positions, providing valuable clues to crack the code. The challenge lies in unraveling the word using as few guesses as possible, engaging players in a daily quest for word mastery.

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The New York Times [1] now owns Wordle, having acquired it for a substantial sum. To maintain the game’s allure and prevent excessive time consumption, the creators imposed a strict one-puzzle-a-day rule.

This intentional limitation encourages players to spend time on other pursuits while preserving the excitement and anticipation of a new puzzle every day.

Method #1: Altering the Date + Time on Your Chosen Device

Wordle’s official website houses a library of all past puzzles, including a few upcoming ones. By adjusting the date and time on your device, you can view and play previous Wordle games on the New York Times site without relying on third-party solutions. 

However, this method comes with certain limitations. To change the date or time on different devices, follow these steps:

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Windows Users

Mac Users

Android Users

iPhone Users

Keep in mind that changing the date and time will allow you to play one puzzle per day. To access puzzles from different dates, you’ll need to adjust your device’s settings accordingly. 

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Moreover, Wordle’s first word was published on June 19, 2021, so setting the date to anything before that won’t open any puzzles.

Method 2: The Unofficial Wordle Archive by Taq Karim

Another good alternative to access previous Wordle games is through Taq Karim’s Unofficial Wordle Archive, often called as the Wordle Time Machine. This website provides users access to each puzzle in the Wordle database since the game’s inception.

To play the game on Karim’s website, follow these steps:

Taq Karim’s Wordle Archive isn’t the first of its kind, as previous Wordle Archive attempts faced shutdowns after requests from the New York Times. 

Wordle gameplay

However, Karim’s archive provides players with a nostalgic journey through past Wordles, but it may also face similar challenges in the future due to copyright concerns.

Method 3: The Wayback Machine

For players looking for an extensive collection of old Wordles, the Wayback Machine, a site founded and made public by the Internet Archive, offers a solution. The Wayback Machine allows you to access past Wordle games as far back as February 10, 2022.

Here’s how you can start playing on the Wayback Machine site:

today's Wordle

While the Wayback Machine provides an extensive collection of past Wordles, it may not be as user-friendly as other methods. However, for dedicated Wordle enthusiasts seeking a broader range of challenges, it remains a valuable option, according to the Wordle stats


The quest to play previous Wordles is an exciting journey for avid Wordle enthusiasts. Thanks to various methods, players can now unlock the time vault and relive past word-guessing challenges. However, it is essential to approach these methods responsibly and with an understanding of potential copyright concerns and takedown requests.

Nevertheless, the availability of past Wordles offers players a chance to measure their progress, enjoy cherished memories, and sharpen their word-solving skills. Embrace the joy of word-guessing as you traverse through the captivating world of past Wordles and continue to revel in the daily excitement of new challenges. Happy Wordling!

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