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5-Letter Starting Words With Most Vowels in Wordle

When playing the Wordle word game, one strategy is to identify as many correct vowels as possible. As a player, you might hope for a head start by finding a five-letter word that consists of all the vowels. 

However, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the English language does not contain any five-letter words with all vowels. Nevertheless, some words come close, with four or three vowels, which can still be valuable in your Wordle journey.

5-Letter Words With 4 Vowels

While the elusive five-vowel word remains absent, there are five-letter words that come quite close with four vowels. 


These words can be valuable in the game, as they give you a high vowel count, increasing your chances of guessing the correct vowels for the target word. Here are some examples of five-letter words containing four vowels that you can keep in mind:

5-Letter Words With 3 Vowels

If you’re looking for options with slightly fewer vowels, three-vowel words can still be quite helpful in tackling Wordle puzzles. Here are some five-letter words with three vowels that you can use as a starting point in your Wordle gameplay [1]:

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Best Starting 5-Letter Words with Most Vowels for Wordle

When aiming for an advantageous starting position in Wordle, choosing words that provide the most vowels is essential. 

Doing so increases your chances of uncovering the correct vowels in the target word. Here are some of the best five-letter starting words with the highest vowel count:

Wordle Starter Words for Best First Guess

Your initial guess in Wordle can significantly impact your gameplay. Starting with a word that has a high vowel count gives you a better foundation to work with. Here are some Wordle starter words that can serve as your best first guess:

Best 5-Letter Word With Most Vowels to Try on Wordle

As you progress in Wordle, you’ll want to make informed choices to increase your chances of success. To that end, having a word containing the highest possible number of vowels is helpful. The following word is the best five-letter option in this regard:


While you won’t find a five-letter word with all vowels in English, there are still many options with high vowel counts that can aid you in your Wordle adventure. Starting with words containing four or three vowels can provide a strong foundation for your guesses. 

Remember, Wordle is a game of wit and wordplay, so have fun exploring different word combinations and improving your language skills!

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