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5-Letter Words Ending in “ie” for Wordle

Wordle, the popular word puzzle game, has captured the hearts of word enthusiasts worldwide. Its simple yet engaging gameplay revolves around guessing a five-letter word within six attempts. 

While the challenge lies in uncovering the correct word, knowing an extensive list of words can significantly boost your chances of success. In this article, we present a compilation of five-letter words ending in “ie ” that can be your secret weapon to conquer Wordle.

A List of Five-Letter Words Ending in “ie” for Wordle

playing Wordle on phone

Here are some of the most valuable five-letter words ending in “IE” that you can add to your Wordle arsenal:

  • aerie
  • aggie
  • alkie
  • aspie
  • bagie
  • belie
  • bogie
  • bowie
  • cadie
  • cavie
  • civie
  • cosie
  • cozie
  • curie
  • cutie
  • dexie
  • didie
  • dixie
  • dobie
  • dogie
  • dowie
  • doxie
  • eerie
  • eppie
  • eyrie
  • facie
  • fakie
  • firie
  • fixie
  • fogie
  • folie
  • foxie
  • fugie
  • genie
  • gynie
  • homie
  • indie
  • innie
  • jakie
  • jaxie
  • jewie
  • juvie
  • kubie
  • kyrie
  • litie
  • logie
  • looie
  • louie
  • lovie
  • makie
  • mamie
  • manie
  • mavie
  • mixie
  • mobie
  • molie
  • monie
  • movie
  • mowie
  • moxie
  • mulie
  • mysie
  • nefie
  • newie
  • nixie
  • norie
  • nudie
  • offie
  • oldie
  • ollie
  • oorie
  • oozie
  • ordie
  • ourie
  • outie
  • ozzie
  • pavie
  • pixie
  • pokie
  • pumie
  • pyxie
  • ramie
  • regie
  • relie
  • retie
  • revie
  • rowie
  • rudie
  • semie
  • tatie
  • tawie
  • towie
  • tozie
  • umpie
  • untie
  • uptie
  • vogie
  • vygie
  • walie
  • wifie
  • yitie
  • zowie

These words come in handy when trying to solve Wordle puzzles, as they provide diverse options for different starting letters and combinations.

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Begin Wordle With the Best Starting Words

While having a list of five-letter words ending in “ie” is advantageous, the game can still be quite challenging if you don’t have a strong starting word. To boost your chances of success, consider starting with these commonly used Wordle starting words:

  • Grape
  • Table
  • Greet
  • Snack
  • Flute

These words have proven to be effective in the initial rounds of Wordle, offering good vowel and consonant distribution, which helps in the process of elimination. So, keep these words in mind when starting your daily puzzle.


How many five-letter words end with “ie”?

There are numerous five-letter words ending in “ie.” While the list mentioned earlier provided ten examples, there are many more to explore. You can use word search tools or dictionaries to find additional words and expand your Wordle vocabulary further.

Expanding your knowledge of words ending in these vowels can prove advantageous in multiple ways. Not only will it broaden the range of options you have during Wordle gameplay, but it will also sharpen your word recognition skills and vocabulary in general.

Why do some words end in “ie” or y?

The use of words ending with these vowels is often related to grammar [1] and word origin. In English, “ie” is a common spelling pattern for plurals, verb conjugations, and certain adjectives. For instance, the word “lilies” is the plural form of “lily,” and “cities” is the plural form of “city.”

On the other hand, words that end in “Y” can serve various grammatical functions. They can be adjectives (e.g., happy, funny), nouns (e.g., candy, city), or adverbs (e.g., quickly, slowly). The choice of “ie” or y often depends on the word’s origin and how it has evolved in the English language.

Why do some words end in “ie” or y in Wordle?

In Wordle, the random combination of letters in the puzzle dictates the words you can form. The game is designed to include a mix of common and uncommon words, which is why you may encounter words ending in “ie” or y during gameplay. 

Understanding the diverse patterns of word endings will help you quickly identify possible solutions and improve your performance in Wordle.


Wordle is an exciting word puzzle game that requires both skill and a vast vocabulary to master. By familiarizing yourself with five-letter words ending in “ie,” you can significantly enhance your chances of success. 

So, whether you’re an avid Wordle player seeking to up your game or simply someone eager to explore the vastness of the English language, diving into word search tools and dictionaries can be an enlightening and rewarding endeavor. 

Additionally, starting with effective Wordle starting words will set you on the right track from the beginning. So, grab your dictionary, practice regularly, and enjoy the thrill of deciphering words in Wordle!

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