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Is UNO Cross-Platform? — Everything You Need to Know

Many PC and mobile gamers have long asked if Uno is a cross-platform game. After all, the digital adaptation of the popular card game is available on a variety of platforms. 

So, can you play Uno with your friends no matter what device they’re using? Our resident gamers break down the answer in this post!

Is the Game Cross-Platform?

The classic card game Uno requires little introduction. For many years, it has been a fan favorite for countless gamers, making it one of the most iconic tabletop games to date. 

Unfortunately, the digital version of Uno does not support cross-platform play at all. Crossplay with players from other devices is not possible on any of the available platforms, as of writing.


This means that players cannot crossplay at all, regardless of the platform on which they play Uno. Players are currently limited to playing online with other players on the same platform or console. 

As a result, players are disappointed by this design because Uno is the type of game where saying ‘the more the merrier’ rings true. 

Playing Uno with limited access to opponents and fellow players is a letdown, but it is still possible to have a good time if you can play with friends on the same platform.

Why Isn’t the Game Crossplay?

There are numerous theories as to why Uno was not made cross-platform compatible [1] in 2023. This is especially true given that crossplay appears to be becoming increasingly important in today’s gaming world. 

With so many different platforms supporting Uno’s digital version, many players believe the crossplay restrictions are unacceptable and restrictive. 

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However, the developers have been fairly forthcoming about their reasoning for the decision. The primary reason for not allowing Uno crossplay appears to revolve around their goal of ensuring a positive experience for all players. 

The game has been designed in such a way that each Uno player has a fair, enjoyable, and lag-free experience at all times.

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