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The Best TF2 Community Servers This 2023 (Competitive and Fun!)

Since there are so many TF2 community servers available, you may have difficulty choosing one that gives you the best experience. To save you the stress and time, our resident gamers have compiled a list of the top community servers. Read on to learn about them!

#10: The Outpost (24/7 Access | Versus Saxton Hale Game Mode)

the outpost steam group

The outpost community created this server, and it runs on the Versus Saxton Hale game mode. It is suitable for playing boss fights in TF2, and it is one of the best Team Fortress 2 community servers. The reason is that it possesses dozens of bosses. This allows you to team up as a server and play against a player as the boss. Aside from this, this server comes with increased health, special abilities, and lots more.

Here is some vital information about this server:

#9: Skial (US Server | Deathrun Game Mode)

tf2 on skial

If you love adventure, then this server is for you. They design this server to run the Deathrum game mode, and this will give you the perfect experience you dream of. You will love this if you like being the omnipotent mortal with the superpower to conquer your friends. You can either take the role of the mastermind or run the gauntlet of traps as a mastermind comes after you.

Here is some vital information about this server:

#8: Glubabable (Slender Fortress Game Mode)

glubable server on steam

This game server by the Glubbable community which runs the Slender Fortress game mode, enables you to team up with lanky horror himself to avoid his wrath. The Glubbable sever features lots of maps, custom-made communities, and several horrors alongside lanky.

#7: Disc.ff (24/7 Access | Dodgeball Game Mode)

Disc.ff tf2 server

This server is perfect for the Dodgeball game mode. If it is your wish to be better at reflecting rockets, then this is for you. In this server, you will find yourself in an arena that has an endless barrage of rockets. Ensure you keep the rocket juggled, and you survive.

#6: (Surfing Game Mode)

blackwonder web interface

This server runs the surfing game mode on TF2. The surfing mode is adventurous, but you will need to dedicate enough time. Also, you will need lots of strafing to help you disgrace Evil Knievel.

#5: TF2SS (TF2Ware Game Mode)

tf2 swapshop

The TF2SS runs on the TF2 Swap Shop Community and runs the TF2Ware game mode. This server comes with a whole lot of fun. The TF2Ware game is a collection of mini-games. You need a few seconds to decipher what is going on, or else you lose.

#4: IdleServer (Prop Hunt Game Mode)

idle server steam community

This server runs a classic game mode on the TF2 server. In this game you have two options; disguise as a map object and pray or destroy shape-fitting demons with purifying flame.

#3: (Balloon Race Game Mode | Free Items)

wonderland tf2 forum

This server runs the ballon race game mode. In the game, all you have to do is board an aircraft and pilot it to safety at the finish line. You will compete with other teams, so you must be well prepared.

#2: (Zombies Game Mode)

otaku steam community

The is a zombie game server [1]. This server is best for you if you want to enhance your gaming experience as it allows to build defenses and battle with the ravenous horde.

#1: (US Server | Jump Map Game Mode)

jump academy web interface

This server is one of the most popular TF2 server available. On the server, you can practice your jumping with support from other experts in the community. If you are a new player, many community members on this server will help you. Therefore, you can explosively launch yourself into the skies with no fear.


Which are the best community servers for new players of TF2?

The best community servers for new players of TF2 are Lotus and eGo servers.


TF2 community servers can help you enhance your gaming experience in ways you have never thought of. You can even try joining these TF2 servers via IP addressesAlthough selecting the best can be pretty arduous, you are covered with this list from our expert resident gamers. Explore and enjoy your adventure.

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