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How to Join a TF2 Server With an IP Address

Confused about how to join a TF2 server with an IP address? We’ve got you covered! Our resident gamers took some time to explain the easy steps to connect to a TF2 server using your IP address. So, keep reading! 

Step #1: Open Team Fortress 2

First, you must open your Team Fortress 2 (TF2) game via Steam. Then, select “Library,” located at the top part of your screen. You can now see your game library. 

TF2 on Steam

After that, find TF2, then right-click. You can either launch Team Fortress 2 by clicking the Play button in Steam or double-clicking the icon in the Applications folder on Mac. 

Step #2: Find the Advanced Settings

Once you’re on the user interface, scan through the options and find “Advanced Settings.” The Advanced Options menu can be found in the Main Menu of Team Fortress II. You will see it at the bottom right and is labeled “Adv. Options.”

TF2 advanced options

The various options are categorized into drop-down menus and checkboxes. The descriptions of these options will give you a brief explanation of how they work.

Step #3: Enable Developer Console

The third step is to enable the developer console. The key to open the console must be bound to the command line. This is done by default using the backtick/tilde key (‘/~). The console should also be enabled in the advanced keyboard options sub dialog.

TF2 enable developer console

Also, from the “Advanced Settings,” check the “Enable Developer Console” and click “Okay.” You can now access the console whenever you wish. 

Step #4: Add "Connect + IP" to the Console

Lastly, you must open the console by pressing backtick (‘). Once it opens, input “connect + IP,” tap “Enter,” and you’re in! 

TF2 console


How do I find my TF2 server IP?

To find your TF2 server IP, go to your console by clicking the backtick button, then input “Status.” This action will provide you with information about your TF2 server. You may find your server IP under the UDP/IP line. 


Now, you don’t have any problems joining a TF2 server with an IP address [1]. You can easily connect to TF2 community server, TF2 leveling server, TF2 achievement server, and other types of TF2 servers to boost your in-game experience. With four easy steps, you’re ready to interact with other players on the TF2 server any time you want.

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