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What Do Blobfish Eat in Stardew Valley?

In the vibrant world of Stardew Valley, players encounter various creatures, both on land and at sea. One particularly intriguing deep-sea fish is the Blobfish. This guide aims to explore the peculiarities of this fish, its benefits, and how to catch it in the game.

Understanding the Blobfish

Stardew Valley offers players a vibrant and immersive world of diverse creatures and farming opportunities. The Blobfish is among the most intriguing creatures players can encounter, known for its peculiar appearance and behavior. 

Description and Appearance

The Blobfish is undoubtedly an odd-looking creature floating just above the ocean floor. Its gelatinous and droopy appearance stands out among the other fish in Stardew Valley. Its distinct features contribute to its allure and intrigue. 

Stardew Valley - blobfish

However, unlike real Blobfish, these creatures do not have specific dietary requirements. They do not eat or consume anything in Stardew Valley, as they are primarily catchable fish for players to utilize in various ways.

Unique Behavior and Difficulty Level

The Blobfish is one of the only two deep-sea fishes in the game that exhibit a Floater behavior, causing them to move upwards faster. This behavior adds an element of challenge to catch them. With a difficulty level of 75, the Blobfish can range in size from 8 to 26 inches.

Catching a Blobfish

When it comes to catching a Blobfish, players can find them in one specific location and season in the game. 

Blobfish can be caught using a fishing rod in the Night Market submarine, which is only present during Winter 15 to 17, from 5PM to 2AM. A payment of 1,000g is needed for the submarine to go deep-sea fishing.

Stardew Valley - fishing for blobfish

Using the appropriate fishing methods and equipment, such as bait and tackle, can increase the chances of successfully hooking a Blobfish. Increase these chances by consuming food that adds Fishing buffs, such as Fish Taco or Dish O’ The Sea.

What Do Blobfish Consume or Eat?

In Stardew Valley, Blobfish do not have specific dietary requirements or food preferences. Unlike some other animals in the game, like cows or chickens. However, Blobfish require certain items when increasing population in a fish pond every 4 days:

Blobfish Fish Pond

Pond Capacity

Requested Item

Fishing XP

Pond Capacity

(Before Quest)


(After Quest)


3 Coral or



2 Sea Urchins or

2 Frozen Tears


5 Coffee Beans or



1 Pizza or

1 Mayonnaise


1 Cookie or



1 Wine or

1 Green Tea


1 Rainbow Shell or



Therefore, Blobfish do not technically consume or eat anything in the game but ask for items when populating. Increased Blobfish population in fish ponds yields higher chances of Blobfish Roe and even produce like Pearls or multiple quantities of Warp Totem: Farm.

Blobfish Roe sells for 280g, its aged version at 560g, and with the artisan profession, the aged roe sells for 784g.

Uses and Benefits

Stardew Valley - blobfish pond

While Blobfish do not consume or eat anything in Stardew Valley, they have several uses and benefits for players. Firstly, players can sell Blobfish for profit. 

The selling price of a Blobfish varies depending on its quality, with higher-quality fish commanding higher prices. This can be a lucrative source of income for players.


Selling Price

Fisher (+25%)

Angler (+50%)

Base Quality




Silver Quality




Gold Quality




Iridium Quality




Furthermore, Blobfish can be included in the Master Fisher’s Bundle at the Community Center Fish Tank (Remixed). Completing bundles rewards [1] players with various benefits and unlocks new areas or features within the game.

Additionally, Blobfish can be utilized in cooking recipes. For instance, they can be used to create Maki Rolls, a recipe that requires any fish, seaweed, and rice. 

Stardew Valley - blobfish pond

This dish provides players with a boost to energy and health when consumed. Blobfish can also be used to make Sashimi, another recipe that offers energy and health benefits.

Regarding customization options, players can use a Blobfish in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create a Blobfish Mask. This unique mask adds a whimsical touch to the game, allowing players to express their creativity and individuality. 


While Blobfish may have a distinct appearance and behavior, their dietary habits in Stardew Valley are quite straightforward. They do not consume or eat anything themselves, as they primarily serve as catchable fish for players to sell, use in recipes, contribute to bundles, and engage in tailoring activities.  

Understanding the various uses and benefits of Blobfish enhances the gameplay experience and adds depth to the world of Stardew Valley. So, grab your fishing rod, head to the beach or the Night Market, and embark on an adventure to catch these intriguing creatures.

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