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Double the Fun: Playing Stardew Valley Split Screen Delivers Cooperative Farming Bliss!

Stardew Valley, the popular farming game, has released its most significant content drop since its launch with update 1.5. This update introduces split-screen multiplayer, enhancing the gaming experience for players.

Along with the addition of a split-screen, new areas, items, and secrets have been included, providing players with even more content to explore and enjoy.

How to Play Split-Screen in Stardew Valley

To engage in split-screen multiplayer in Stardew Valley, players need to follow a few simple steps:

Building Cabins in the Game

The first step is to build a cabin from Robin’s for each additional player. If starting a new game, players can have the cabins pre-built by selecting the advanced game options. It ensures that players can jump right into split-screen multiplayer without delay.

Starting & Opening a Local Co-op

After the cabins have been built, players can open the game menu, scroll down to the Multiplayer option, and select “Start local co-op.” Additional players can join the game by pressing start on their controllers.

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Adjusting Your Zoom and UI Settings

In split-screen multiplayer, players can adjust the zoom level and UI settings according to their preferences. These settings can be accessed in the options tab of the game menu, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience.

Gameplay in Split-Screen Multiplayer

Split-screen multiplayer functions similarly to online multiplayer in Stardew Valley. Players can engage in various activities, just like in single-player mode.

However, certain aspects, such as sleeping and quests, are handled differently when multiple players are involved.

It’s important to note that while farming area, gold, and resources are shared among all players, energy, inventory, NPC relationship levels, and skill levels are not shared.

Availability and Platform Updates

Stardew Valley is available on various platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. This update allows players on different platforms to enjoy the new features and content.

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Stardew Valley's Co-op Features and Split-Screen

Stardew Valley’s co-op features support up to four players, providing opportunities for collaborative farming and gameplay opportunities. The critical element for co-op farming is the cabin farm building, which needs to be acquired for each player.

Every player requires a cabin, and additional ones must be built based on the number of players in the session. Saving in split-screen multiplayer is tied to the host player, so if the host leaves the session, other players won’t be able to continue in the same session.

Managing Profit Margins and Rules in Split-Screen

Stardew Valley offers the option to adjust the multiplayer profit margin to balance gameplay. This feature modifies the buy and sell prices of items in the game. In addition, specific rules govern split-screen multiplayer, such as marriage regulations, sleeping, festivals, progress sharing, building upgrades, money sharing, and experience distribution.

Understanding and abiding by these rules ensures a smooth and enjoyable cooperative experience for all players.

In addition to managing profit margins, specific rules govern split-screen multiplayer [1] in Stardew Valley. These rules cover various aspects of gameplay to ensure fairness and a smooth cooperative experience among all players involved.

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Some of the fundamental regulations include:

  1. Marriage Regulations: Players can pursue romantic relationships with the game’s eligible NPCs in split-screen multiplayer. However, certain limitations apply to avoid conflicts and ensure that each player has the opportunity to develop their unique relationship storylines.
  2. Sleeping: The sleeping mechanic in split-screen multiplayer differs from single-player mode. While in single-player, a player can simply go to bed to advance time, in split-screen, all players must agree to sleep and progress to the next day together. 
  3. Festivals: Participating in festivals is a beloved aspect of Stardew Valley, and split-screen multiplayer allows players to enjoy these events together. 
  4. Progress Sharing: While players share farming areas and resources, certain aspects of progress are not shared in split-screen multiplayer. Each player maintains their inventory, energy levels, NPC relationship levels, and skill levels.


Stardew Valley’s split-screen mode, introduced in update 1.5, brings the game a new level of enjoyment. Cooperative farming and shared experiences create a unique gaming experience, allowing players to work together and thrive in the virtual world.

With the introduction of split-screen multiplayer, Stardew Valley continues to evolve and provide endless hours of farming fun for players worldwide.

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