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Stardew Valley Secret Note 19 — Location, Walkthrough, and Rewards

Stardew Valley is a beloved farming simulation game known for its charming gameplay and hidden secrets. One of the intriguing secrets in the game is Secret Note 19, which leads players to a valuable item, the Solid Gold Lewis Statue.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through finding Secret Note 19, solving its clues, and claiming your rewards in Stardew Valley.

What is Secret Note 19 in Stardew Valley?

Secret Note 19 in Stardew Valley is a collectible note that players can obtain by engaging in activities like growing giant crops, fishing, or breaking stones.

Stardew Valley - Secret Note 19

This particular note contains a set of directional clues that lead players to the whereabouts of the highly sought-after Solid Gold Lewis Statue. It serves as a fun and rewarding quest, offering players a chance to earn a bonus of 750g from Mayor Lewis upon finding the statue.

Unlocking Secret Notes in Stardew Valley in 7 Steps

To unlock Secret Notes in Stardew Valley, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1:

In the game, head to the Stardew Valley’s Bus Stop from your farm during Winter Year 1 between 6 AM and 4 PM.

Step 2:

You will witness a cutscene featuring a mysterious “Shadow Guy” who startles and runs away during this time.

Step 3:

After the cutscene, “A Winter Mystery” quest will be added to your journal.

Stardew Valley - Winter Mystery quest

Step 4:

Investigate the footsteps left by the Shadow Guy, which will lead you to a bush you’ll find beside the playground, located left of the Community Center.

Step 5:

Interact with the bush to reveal the Shadow Guy, who will apologize for stealing and give you a Magnifying Glass.

Step 6:

The Magnifying Glass lets you find Secret Notes while engaging in activities like chopping trees, mining, fishing, digging, or killing monsters.

Step 7:

Once you have the Magnifying Glass in Stardew Valley, you can discover Secret Notes randomly while performing these activities throughout the game.

Stardew Valley - receiving a magnifying glass

How to Find Secret Note 19

Engage in activities that can drop Secret Note 19. Multiple activities can yield this Secret Note, each with varying success rates. 

Splitting large stumps, logs, meteorites, or boulders are some activities that may reward you with this note. Choose an activity that suits you best, and you’ll likely come across Secret Note 19 during your gameplay quickly.

Alternatively, you can grow a giant crop for a guaranteed chance of obtaining the note. Once you acquire Secret Note 19, open your inventory and click on it to examine the contents.

Secret Note gained


Chance of retrieving a Secret Note

Cutting weeds


Defeating monsters


Chopping trees (per hit)




Artifact spots


Breaking stones


Resource clump


Giant crop


The note will provide a starting point and a series of steps with directional arrows that guide you to the Solid Gold Lewis Statue. Follow these steps carefully to reach your destination.

Stardew Valley - fighting monster with galaxy sword

Solving Secret Note 19 Clues

When you acquire Secret Note 19, it will appear in your inventory. Open it to reveal the clues. The note will provide a starting location and a series of steps with directional arrows to guide you toward the Solid Gold Lewis Statue.

For example, you move left until you hit a tree, up until you hit a fence, and so on. Eventually, you will find the solution behind Mayor Lewis’ house, in which the eave of the window upstairs seems to meet the roof of the first story in the upper left corner of the yard. 

This is where you will discover the Solid Gold Lewis Statue.

Walkthrough to Find the Solid Gold Lewis Statue

Follow these instructions indicated on Secret Note 19, to locate the Solid Gold Lewis Statue:

Stardew Valley - Sam's door

Step 1

Begin in front of Sam’s house door.

Step 2:

Hover left (←) until you reach the western side of Sam’s fence.

Step 3:

Go up (↑) and wait until you reach the northern side of the fence.

Step 4:

Move right (→) until you reach the eastern side of the fence.

Step 5:

Run up (↑) until you encounter a small rock.

Stardew Valley - run up

Step 6:

Move right (→) to the town until you come across the river.

Step 7:

Move down (↓) several steps until you encounter another river.

Step 8:

Run left (←) until you reach Lewis’s fence.

Step 9:

Go down (↓) until you hit Lewis’ car.

Step 10

Move left (←) until you reach west of Lewis’s fence, then face down (↓). This is the location.

Stardew Valley - Lewis' golden statue

Claiming Rewards

To claim the rewards for finding Secret Note 19 and acquiring the Solid Gold Lewis Statue in Stardew Valley, follow these steps:

Step 1: After picking up the Solid Gold Lewis Statue, place it anywhere in Pelican Town. Choose a location that suits your preference. Be cautious, as the statue will be damaged if a villager walks through it.

Step 2: The following day, the Solid Gold Lewis Statue will disappear from its placed location and a rotten plant is placed where it was. You will get a letter from Mayor Lewis in your mailbox, along with a bonus of 750g as a reward for finding the statue.

Step 3: Read the letter from Mayor Lewis to learn more about his sarcastic gratitude and bonus payment.

Stardew Valley - Mayor Lewis' letter

Step 4: Additionally, the Solid Gold Lewis Statue will appear again either in Lewis’s house (90% chance) or Marnie’s house (10% chance). You can visit the respective house and hit the statue with a hoe to pick it up again.

Step 5: Once you have picked up the statue, place it in a different location or keep it as a decorative item.

Additional Tips

Troubleshooting for Different Devices

Picking up the Gold Lewis statue may vary depending on the device you play Stardew Valley on:

Stardew Valley - Mayor Lewis' home

It’s important to note that if a season passes after finding Note 19, there might be a glitch that can wipe out the statue from the game. Therefore, it is recommended to complete the task promptly to avoid potential bugs.

What is the secret note number 19 in Stardew Valley expanded?

The expanded Secret Note 19 in Stardew Valley consists of a map similar to that on the base game but has different directions due to map changes in Stardew Valley Expanded mod. 

The goal is to decipher these clues and locate the Solid Gold Lewis Statue like in the original game. Starting from the green square indicated on the map, you move in each direction until you encounter an obstacle.

Stardew Valley - talking to Mayor Lewis'

Completing the A Winter Mystery quest in Stardew Valley and finding Secret Note 19 adds an element of mystery and reward to the gameplay experience [1]. Keep an eye out for Secret Notes while going about your everyday chores on the farm, as there are many more to discover and enjoy.


Stardew Valley Secret Note 19 offers an exciting adventure to uncover the Solid Gold Lewis Statue. Following the walkthrough and using the clues, you can quickly locate the statue and claim your rewards. 

Enjoy the thrill of discovering secrets in Stardew Valley while expanding your farm and building relationships with the charming villagers!

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