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Best Gifts for Haley in Stardew Valley — A Guide to Wooing the Fashionable Villager

Stardew Valley allows players to cultivate the land and build meaningful relationships with diverse characters. One such character is Haley, a young woman known for her beauty, initially aloof demeanor, and passion for photography. 

In this article, we will explore the best gifts for Haley, including her likes and dislikes. Understanding these aspects will help players foster a deep connection and unlock Haley’s heart events for a more enriching gaming experience.

Best Gifts for Haley (Loved Gifts)

Giving gifts is crucial to building relationships in Stardew Valley, and Haley is no exception. Here are some of the items Haley particularly likes:

All Universal Loves

Haley shares a penchant for All Universal Loves, except the Prismatic Shard, like most villagers. The universally loved items are Golden Pumpkin, Magic Rock Candy, Rabbit’s Foot, and Pearl.

Haley and Jack Stardew Valley


Coconuts are another item that Haley adores. They can be foraged in the Calico Desert or grown from Palm Trees at Ginger Island.


Sunflowers hold a special place in Haley’s heart. Planting and gifting her these cheery flowers will certainly make her day.

Pink Cake

As a sweets lover, Haley has a particular fondness for pink cake. Baking or purchasing this delightful treat will undoubtedly make her smile.

Fruit Salad

Being a lover of the summer season, Haley loves this combination of summer fruits in one delicious dessert.

Gifts that Haley Likes, is Neutral to, Dislikes, and Hates

Haley is an eligible bachelorette with specific likes and dislikes regarding gifts. Here are some gifts that Haley loves and hates:





Haley's Schedule

It is essential to be aware of her daily routine. Haley can be found at her home in Pelican Town in the mornings and goes to the beach on Tuesdays. 

After 12 PM, she can often wander around town or visit the library. Players can converse with her and give gifts when they see her.

Understanding Haley’s schedule allows players to plan their interactions accordingly, ensuring they take advantage of valuable opportunities to spend time with her.

Here’s an overview of her typical activities throughout the day:


Stardew Valley Haley Interaction



Haley's Heart Events

Haley has several heart events that occur at different heart levels. Here are their times and locations as a guide:

Stardew Valley Farm with Leah

2 Hearts Event

Location: Emily and Haley’s house

Time: Anytime Emily and Haley are there

You witness Haley and Emily arguing about something.

4 Hearts Event

Location: Emily and Haley’s house

Time: Anytime Haley is there

Haley asks for help in opening a jar.

6 Hearts Event

Location: The Beach

Time: 10AM to 4PM (except Winter)

Haley loses a bracelet on the beach.

8 Hearts

Location: Cindersap Forest

Time: 10AM to 4PM (except Winter)

You take pictures with Haley at Marnie’s ranch.

10 Hearts

Location: Emily and Haley’s house

Time: Anytime Haley is there

Haley shows you her dark room where she develops her photos.

14 Hearts

Part 1

Haley overhears Penny and Jas talking about still using damaged books and having no money to buy new ones.

Part 2 

Haley asks you to bring a Chocolate cake for a charity cakewalk she plans tomorrow.

Part 3

The next day, a charity cakewalk organized by Haley takes place in town. She intends to raise funds for this cakewalk so Penny can buy new books for Vincent and Jas.

Haley Stardew Valley


By familiarizing yourself with Haley’s favorite gifts, experiencing her heart events, and being aware of her likes and dislikes, you can forge a strong connection with Haley in Stardew Valley [1]. 

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