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Stardew Valley’s Golden Pumpkin — A Bountiful Yield of Hidden Treasures and Riches

In the beloved farming simulation game Stardew Valley, the Golden Pumpkin is a rare and valuable item with special significance.

It is a unique variant of the regular pumpkin, characterized by its radiant golden hue. Players highly seek the Golden Pumpkin due to its rarity and various uses.

Sources of the Golden Pumpkin

The Golden Pumpkin can be obtained in two primary ways. Firstly, it can be acquired during the Spirit’s Eve Festival, an annual event that takes place on the 27th of Fall.

Players can obtain the Golden Pumpkin after completing the festival maze and receive the Golden Pumpkin as a reward at a chest in the end.

Secondly, the Golden Pumpkin can be found in Artifact Troves, which are artifact containers that occasionally appear in the game’s world. These troves contain a wide range of artifacts, including the Golden Pumpkin.

getting golden pumpkin stardew valley

Uses of the Golden Pumpkin


When given as a gift to the various villagers in Stardew Valley, the Golden Pumpkin is universally Loved.

Due to its universal appeal, the Golden Pumpkin makes a great gift for all villagers in Stardew Valley. It is an exceptional present that brings joy to all residents, making it an excellent choice for greatly improving relationships with the townsfolk.


Although many items in Stardew Valley can be used to complete bundles at the Community Center, the Golden Pumpkin does not have a specific use. Therefore, players should consider alternative uses for this valuable item.


The Golden Pumpkin can be transformed into a stylish Witch Hat for players looking to personalize their character’s appearance.

Players can create this magical headwear by using the Sewing Machine located in Emily and Haley’s house, adding enchantment to their in-game avatar.

tailoring witch hat stardew valley

Players must take the Golden Pumpkin to the Sewing Machine with 1x Cloth to achieve this. Once there, they can use it to create enchanting headwear, adding a touch of magic to their character’s appearance. For dyeing it serves as a yellow dye for dye pots.


Although Stardew Valley is filled with various quests and missions for players to undertake, the Golden Pumpkin does not play a direct role in any of these tasks. Its main value lies in its gifting potential and the opportunity for customization through tailoring.

Selling the Golden Pumpkin

While gifting and tailoring are popular uses for the Golden Pumpkin, players also have the option to sell it for a handsome profit, selling at 2,500g each. Note that this cannot be sold directly to Pierre, only at your farm’s Shipping Bin.

Given its rarity and value, selling the Golden Pumpkin can be lucrative. The likability and rarity of this item ensure that it fetches a significant price, making it an attractive prospect for players looking to bolster their in-game funds.

Additional Notes For Golden Pumpkin

History of the Golden Pumpkin

  1. The Golden Pumpkin was introduced to Stardew Valley as part of the 1.0 Update, adding an exciting new element to the game. Its rarity and unique properties instantly captured players’ attention, leading to its popularity among the community.
  2. On Update 1.3.27, the Golden Pumpkin was revised from a universally hated gift to a universally loved gift. With this, the rare item’s value to players increased for its use in increasing Friendship levels.
  3. The item sourced from Artifact Troves and its use for tailoring was added in Update 1.4.
receiving golden pumpkin stardew valley

How to Get the Golden Pumpkin

Obtaining the Golden Pumpkin During the Spirit's Eve Festival

Players must participate in the event and interact with the festival maze to obtain the Golden Pumpkin during the Spirit’s Eve Festival [1].

The Golden Pumpkin is a special reward for those who complete this activity, making it an essential occasion for players aiming to acquire this rare item.

The Appearance of the Golden Pumpkin in Artifact Troves

Artifact Troves are rare containers that appear in Stardew Valley as a trade item at the Desert Trader, a drop after defeating Haunted Skulls or dug up at Artifact Spots.

These troves contain a variety of artifacts, including the Golden Pumpkin. Like Geodes, they need to be broken to see what’s inside. Players should look for these troves while exploring the game world to increase their chances of stumbling upon this precious item.

golden pumpkin stardew valley


The Golden Pumpkin in Stardew Valley is a rare and valuable item that offers players various opportunities for gifting, customization, and financial gain.

Whether obtained during the Spirit’s Eve Festival or found in Artifact Troves, this radiant Golden Pumpkin is a prized possession that adds excitement and versatility to the game. Its universal appeal as a gift and its potential for tailoring make it a cherished item in the Stardew Valley community.

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