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Best Gifts for Stardew Valley’s Elliott — A Comprehensive Guide to Building Friendship

In the beloved farming simulation game Stardew Valley, building friendships with the residents of Pelican Town is an essential aspect of gameplay. One of the intriguing characters you can befriend and even marry is Elliott, a romantic writer who resides in his cozy cabin on the beach.

Knowing the gifts he loves, likes, and dislikes is essential to strengthen your bond with Elliott. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide a list of gifts for Elliott, helping you navigate the path to a more profound friendship.

Gifts for Elliott in Stardew Valley

All Universal Loves

Elliott appreciates certain gifts like most villagers, such as Golden Pumpkin, Magic Rock Candy, Pearl, Prismatic Shard, and Rabbit’s Foot.

Crab Cakes

These delicious patties are a perfect gift for Elliott, made by combining 1x Crab, 1x Wheat Flour, 1x Egg, and 1x Oil. They can be cooked in the kitchen, with the recipe source obtained by watching The Queen of Sauce on Fall 21st, Year 2.

Duck Feather

The colorful and unique duck feather is another gift Elliott loves.

Stardew Valley - duck feather


Present Elliott with this giant ocean-dwelling crustacean, which can be obtained by placing a Crab Pot on bodies of water around Stardew Valley.


Inside this fruit are juicy seed clusters, making the Pomegranate an ideal gift for Elliott. It can be harvested from a Pomegranate Tree or obtained as an option from the fruit bat in the farm Cave.

Squid Ink

This ink, used by squids to confuse predators, is a cherished gift for Elliott. You can obtain it from a Squid Kid or a Fish Pond.

Tom Kha Soup

Elliott will appreciate the incredible flavors of this soup, prepared by combining 1x Coconut, 1x Shrimp, and 1x Common mushrooms in the kitchen. Its recipe is obtained upon having a 7 Heart Friendship level or above with Sandy.

elliott stardew valley likes

Gift Reactions

It’s essential to note Elliott’s responses to different gifts, as they can vary depending on his level of fondness for the item:

Love (+80 Friendship Points):

Like (+45 Friendship Points):

Neutral (+20 Friendship Points):

Dislike (-20 Friendship Points):

Hate (-40 Friendship Points):

Additional Information

Stardew Valley - the Zuzu City Express

Apart from gifts, Elliott has a favorite movie and certain concessions when visiting the Movie Theater.

What Should I Give Elliot For His Birthday?

For Elliott’s birthday (Fall 5) in Stardew Valley, you should consider giving him a special gift that reflects his interests and preferences. Since Elliott is of a romantic and poetic nature, it’s a good idea to choose something that embodies beauty and elegance or has sentimental value.

One excellent gift option for Elliott’s birthday is the Tom Kha Soup. This flavorful Thai soup delights the taste buds and captures the essence of exotic cuisine.

Its incredible blend of coconut, shrimp, and common mushroom creates a unique and aromatic dish that will impress Elliott.

Giving elliott birthday gift stardew valley

By presenting him with Tom Kha Soup on his birthday, you’re offering him a delicious treat and showing that you’ve considered selecting a gift that resonates with his refined taste.

This gesture will make Elliott feel appreciated and understood, strengthening your bond and friendship with him.

What is the Best Gift to Give Elliot?

The best gift to give Elliott in Stardew Valley is the Duck Feather. Elliott deeply appreciates nature and beauty, and the colorful and elegant Duck Feather aligns perfectly with his taste.

Offering him a Duck Feather as a gift will evoke a strong positive reaction from him, demonstrating your thoughtfulness and understanding of his preferences.

It will significantly enhance your friendship and deepen your bond with Elliott, bringing you closer together in the game. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift to impress Elliott, look no further than the enchanting Duck Feather.

stardew valley elliot guide


Understanding Elliott’s preferences can foster a deep and lasting friendship in Stardew Valley [1]. Presenting him with items he likes will boost your relationship. Exploring other aspects of Elliott’s character, such as heart events, schedules, and quests, will help you build a solid bond with the poetic and sentimental Elliott in Stardew Valley!

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