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Stardew Valley Diamond Guide — Mining, Crafting, and Profits!

In the peaceful world of Stardew Valley, a hidden gem awaits eager farmers and adventurers: Diamonds. These rare and valuable minerals hold great importance in the game, serving as a lucrative source of income and playing a vital role in various aspects of the player’s journey. 

In this guide, we will delve into the depths of Stardew Valley to uncover the secrets of finding and utilizing Diamonds effectively.

Sources to Obtain Stardew Valley Diamonds

Before we delve into the intricacies of Stardew Valley Diamonds, let’s take a closer look at the various sources from which these precious gems can be obtained:



Diamond Nodes

Mines (floors 50+)

Gem Nodes

Mines (any floor)

Monster Drops

Mines (bottom floor)

Fishing Treasure Chests

Fishing mini-game


Rivers, lakes, and ponds

Fish Ponds

Stonefish and Ice Pip Fish Ponds

Garbage Cans

After reaching the bottom of the Mines, the player can the Diamond in Garbage Cans

Importance of Diamonds in Stardew Valley

Diamond in Inventory

Diamonds hold substantial value in Stardew Valley, making them a sought-after mineral for various purposes.

Their high sell price of 750g makes them one of the most profitable items, especially when combined with the Gemologist profession, which increases their value to 974g. However, their usefulness extends far beyond merely being a lucrative resource.

How to Find Diamonds in Stardew Valley

Exploring The Mines

Finding Diamond Nodes in the Mines on Floors 50+: To discover Diamonds, venture into the Mines and explore the depths below floor 50. Starting from floor 50, 1 in every 500 rocks will contain a Diamond Node.

Increased Chances of Diamond Nodes: As you descend to lower floors, the chances of encountering Diamond Nodes increase incrementally.

Diamond Drops from Gem Nodes and Wilderness Golems: Gem Nodes found throughout the Mines can also yield Diamonds, adding an extra opportunity to obtain these valuable minerals. Additionally, Wilderness Golems have a rare chance (0.1%) of dropping Diamonds.

Monster Drops after Reaching the Bottom of the Mines: Once you reach the bottom, every monster has a low chance of dropping Diamonds upon defeat. Before reaching the bottom, Diamonds can be obtained from monsters like Red, Purple, Copper, Iron Slimes, Dwarvish Sentries, and Duggies.

Stardew Valley - miner

Drop Rates for Diamonds from Different Monsters: The following table outlines the drop rates of Diamonds from various monsters:

Monster Name

Diamond Drop Rate When Killed

Red Slime


Iron Slime


Wilderness Golem


Copper Slime


Purple Slime




Replicating in The Crystalarium

Understanding the Crystalarium’s Function: The Crystalarium is a remarkable device capable of replicating Minerals and Gems inserted into it.

Inserting Diamonds for Continuous Replication: Place a Diamond into the Crystalarium, which will consistently produce more Diamonds, making it an excellent source for a never-ending supply.

Benefits and Efficiency of Using Crystalariums: Utilizing multiple Crystalariums to replicate Diamonds can significantly boost your output and profits. You can also use the time to proceed with daily tasks while earning passive gold.

making crystalarium stardew valley

Unconventional Methods

Obtaining Diamonds from Fishing Treasure Chests: Occasionally, Diamonds can be found in Fishing Treasure Chests. These sources have a 15% chance of appearing while playing the fishing mini-game.

Panning as an Alternative Method: While panning for Ores, there’s a chance of finding Diamonds, making it an unconventional yet rewarding method for acquiring them.

Scavenging Garbage Cans after Reaching the Bottom of the Mines: Searching garbage cans can yield Diamonds, but this method only works after reaching the bottom.

Diamond Production from Fish Ponds: Stonefish and Ice Pip Fish Ponds can produce Diamonds when their population reaches 9.

Method Used

Diamond Drop Rates

Fishing Treasure Chests

4-5% (Dependent on Fishing Zone)


2% +/- Daily Luck & Buffs

Scavenging Garbage Cans


Stonefish Pond


Icepip Pond



Diamonds serve multiple purposes in crafting:

Stardew Valley FairyDust

Selling Diamonds for Profit

Base Selling Price and Increased Value with the Gemologist Profession: Diamonds have a base selling price of 750g, but with the Gemologist profession, they can be sold for a remarkable 974g.

Utilizing Crystalarium Farms: Setting up Crystalarium farms for Diamond replication can generate substantial income.

Gifting Diamonds to Villagers

Maru Thank You

Universally Liked and Even Loved by Some Villagers: Diamonds are excellent gifts appreciated by most residents of Stardew Valley and even loved by a few.

Benefits of Using Crystalariums for Gifting: Farming Diamonds using Crystalariums allows for efficient gifting and friendship-building with the villagers.

Other Uses in Quests & Events

Randomly Requested in Help Wanted Quests and Fish Ponds Quests: Villagers may request Diamonds in Help Wanted quests, and Fish Ponds quests may require several Diamonds.

Placing Diamonds in Grandpa’s Shrine for Farm Evaluation: To receive evaluations or re-evaluations of your farm, you must offer Diamonds in Grandpa’s Shrine.

Diamond to Grandpas Shrine Stardew


Diamonds are integral to Stardew Valley [1], offering lucrative opportunities and versatile applications. By exploring the Mines, utilizing the Crystalarium, and employing unconventional methods, players can acquire a steady supply of Diamonds to enrich their farming adventures.

Whether selling them for profit, gifting them to villagers, or using them in various quests and recipes, Stardew Valley Diamonds are a treasure worth seeking in the valley’s peaceful haven. 

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