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Stardew Valley’s Crab Pot — Catching the Bounty of the Seas

Crab pots are an essential tool in the world of Stardew Valley, a popular farming simulation game developed by ConcernedApe. These handy devices allow players to passively catch a variety of aquatic creatures, providing a unique fishing experience within the game. 

In this article, we will explore the different aspects of crab pots, including their description, function, crafting, and purchasing options, as well as their fishing experience points and achievements. 

Overview of Crab Pots in Stardew Valley

Crab Pots are versatile devices that catch various aquatic creatures in Stardew Valley. They are cylindrical contraptions that can be placed in bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes, and the ocean. 

Once set up, Crab Pots automatically catch fish, shellfish, and other critters, even when players are away or focusing on other activities.

The Importance of Crab Pots

Crab Pots serve as an invaluable asset for fishing enthusiasts in Stardew Valley. By utilizing these pots, players can expand their fishing opportunities and increase their chances of obtaining valuable items. 

Stardew Valley - crab pot

In addition, the advantages of using Crab Pots are numerous. Firstly, they provide a convenient and effortless method of fishing, allowing players to focus on other tasks while the pots work their magic. 

This makes them particularly beneficial during busy days on the farm or when pursuing other activities within the game. 

Furthermore, Crab Pots offer a diverse range of rewards. In addition to common fish species, players can catch high-value items such as crabs, lobsters, and even snails. 

Acquiring Crab Pots

You must first acquire the tools to embark on your Crab Pot journey. Crab Pots can be obtained in two ways:


With the necessary resources, you can craft Crab Pots using 40 Wood and 3 Iron Bars. The recipe becomes available at Fishing Level 3, allowing you to craft these devices at your leisure.

Stardew Valley - holding bait to put to crab pots


Alternatively, you can purchase Crab Pots from Willy’s Fish Shop for 1,500 gold each. This option offers convenience for players who prefer to jump straight into using Crab Pots without the need for crafting.

Stages of Crab Pots

Empty Crab PotWhen initially placed, a crab pot is empty and inactive. It acts as a mere container, waiting for the player to add bait and attract marine life.
Crab Pot with BaitTo make the crab pot functional, players need to add bait. Bait can be crafted using various materials, such as bug meat or fiber, or purchased from Willy’s Fish Shop. Once bait is added, the crab pot will start attracting aquatic creatures.
Crab Pot with CatchAfter a certain amount of time has passed, players can return to their crab pots to find them filled with various catches. These catches can be collected by interacting with the crab pot, providing a range of items that vary depending on the location and the type of bait used.

Catch for Crab Pots


Regardless of the location, several common items can be obtained from crab pots:

Stardew Valley - loading crab pots

Trash items

Crab pots sometimes yield trash items, such as broken glasses, CDs, soggy newspapers, and driftwood. While these items may not seem valuable, they can be recycled, providing the player with useful crafting materials or unexpected surprises.


Driftwood, another common catch, can be recycled to produce wood or coal.


Stardew Valley - putting crab pots on saltwater

When crab pots are placed in saltwater bodies, such as the ocean or the beach, players have the opportunity to catch a variety of unique aquatic creatures:

Aquatic Creatures Description
Lobster Lobsters are a high-value catch found in saltwater. They fetch a decent price when sold and are highly sought after by certain villagers as gifts.
Clam Clams can be found in saltwater and can be sold for a moderate amount of gold. They are also an ingredient in cooking clam chowder.
Crab Crabs are common in saltwater and can be sold or used in recipes.
Cockle Cockles are another valuable catch found in saltwater. They have a decent selling price and are usually disliked as gifts by most villagers.
Mussel Mussels can be found in saltwater and have similar uses as other saltwater catches.
Shrimp Shrimp is a small, common catch in saltwater. While they don’t fetch a high price, they can be useful for certain recipes.
Oyster Oysters are a more flexible catch found in saltwater. They are often used in cooking and can be sold for a decent amount of gold.


Crab pots placed in freshwater bodies, such as rivers, ponds, or lakes, provide a different set of catches:

Stardew Valley - crab pots on fresh water


Crayfish is a common freshwater catch. While they don’t have a high selling price, they can be used as ingredients in cooking recipes.


Snails are a less valuable catch found in freshwater. They have many uses but can be sold for a small amount of gold.


Periwinkles are a common freshwater catch with similar characteristics to other freshwater catches.

Cost and Worth of Crab Pots

Examining the Expensive Price Tag

Players who decide to invest in Crab Pots are met with a price tag of 1,500 gold per pot. This cost may seem significant in the game’s early stages, especially when funds are limited, and other necessities require attention. 

Stardew Valley - crab pots by the beach

The initial expense of purchasing multiple Crab Pots can be substantial and may deter players from considering them a viable investment.

Evaluating the Worth

Despite the seemingly high cost, Crab Pots can provide numerous benefits that make them worth the investment. Here are some factors to consider:

Passive Income

Crab Pots offer a passive method of fishing that continues to work even when players are occupied with other tasks. Players can generate a steady stream of catches by setting up multiple pots in suitable locations and regularly baiting them without actively participating. 

This passive income source frees up time to focus on other aspects of the game, such as farming, mining, or building relationships with villagers.

Valuable Items

One of the significant advantages of using Crab Pots is the potential to catch valuable items. Alongside common fish, Crab Pots can yield the fish mentioned above, although there is a chance that the catch can be trash. 

Stardew Valley - crab pots and baits

Time Efficiency

Utilizing Crab Pots saves valuable time that can be allocated to other profitable activities. Instead of spending time actively fishing, players can engage in other aspects of Stardew Valley’s gameplay, such as tending to crops, raising animals, or exploring the mines. 

By multitasking and utilizing Crab Pots, players can maximize their overall productivity and financial success within the game.

Skill Development

Using Crab Pots allows players to level up their fishing skills over time. Each successful catch contributes to the player’s fishing experience, increasing proficiency and unlocking new fishing-related recipes or skills.

These abilities, such as a higher chance of catching quality fish or reducing the frequency of junk catches, further enhance the value and profitability of fishing endeavors in the long run.

Crab Pots as Gifts

In Stardew Valley, crab pots are a popular item used for fishing. While they can be used for personal fishing endeavors, they are not typically considered ideal gifts for the villagers in the game due to several reasons:

Stardew Valley - carrying crab pot

Lack of Appreciation

Unlike other gift items that villagers prefer, crab pots are not considered valuable or desired presents by any of the characters in the game. 

Gifting something that villagers have no interest in or appreciation for may result in receiving negative responses or reduced friendship points.

Personal Interests

Each villager in Stardew Valley has unique tastes and preferences. They often have favorite items or gifts that they appreciate more than others. 

Gifting something irrelevant to their interests, like crab pots, can be seen as thoughtless or impersonal, making it difficult to build meaningful relationships with them.

Better Alternatives

Instead of gifting crab pots, exploring the villagers’ individual preferences and interests is recommended. Giving items they love or enjoy gives you a higher chance of gaining friendship points and building stronger relationships. 

Stardew Valley - crab pots

Each villager has a unique set of preferred gifts, which can be discovered through conversations, quests, or the gifting guide available in the game.

Understanding villagers’ preferences and choosing thoughtful gifts can greatly contribute to fostering positive relationships and creating a more immersive and rewarding gameplay [1] experience.

Gold Per Day

To maximize your gold per day with Crab Pots, it’s important to implement strategies that optimize their efficiency. Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal:

Quantity Matters

The more Crab Pots you have, the more items you can catch, and the higher your potential earnings. Invest in multiple Crab Pots and place them strategically in different bodies of water. 

Stardew Valley - harvesting from crab pots

This will allow you to cover a larger area and increase your chances of catching valuable items.

Bait Placement

Bait is essential for attracting fish to your Crab Pots. To ensure maximum efficiency, place bait in each Crab Pot individually to guarantee a catch.

Time Management

Managing your time effectively is crucial to maximizing your gold per day. Crab Pots take time to yield results, so plan your daily routine accordingly. 

Visit your Crab Pots in the morning to collect the caught items and rebait them if necessary. This will allow you to utilize the entire day and maximize your earnings.

Upgrade Fishing Skill

Leveling up your fishing skill allows you to choose the Trapper profession, eventually leading to the Mariner or Luremaster specialization. 

ultimate fishing stardew valley

The Trapper profession in Stardew Valley is crucial for maximizing daily gold earnings from crab pots because it reduces the resources required to craft crab pots. 

Utilize Recycling Machines

Some items caught in Crab Pots, such as broken glasses or driftwood, can be recycled using a Recycling Machine. This can yield useful materials that can be sold or used for crafting, adding to your overall earnings.


Crab pots are a versatile and valuable tool in Stardew Valley that provide an alternative fishing experience. Players can optimize their earnings and enhance their overall gameplay by understanding their stages, the variety of catches they offer, and employing effective strategies. 

Whether it’s for profit or cooking, crab pots are an essential component of a successful farming and fishing adventure in the world of Stardew Valley. 

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