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Stardew Valley Blue Chicken: How to Unlock and Acquire

In the popular farming simulation game Stardew Valley, players can raise various animals on their farm, including the enchanting blue chickens.

These remarkable avian creatures, with their striking blue feathers and distinctive curly tails, add a touch of beauty and uniqueness to any farm. Here, we’ll explore the requirements to get blue chickens and the different methods to acquire them. Let’s dive in!

Requirements for Unlocking Blue Chickens

Before welcoming Blue Chickens to your farm, there are particular prerequisites you must fulfill. Let’s delve into the requirements and learn how to meet them.

Increase Friendship with Shane

To unlock blue chickens, you must build a strong friendship with Shane, one of the villagers in Stardew Valley. Interact with Shane regularly, engaging in conversations and gifting him items.

To expedite friendship-building, consider offering Shane gifts he Loves, such as Pizza, Beer, Pepper poppers, or Hot peppers. Conversing with Shane consistently also adds Friendship points.

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Witness Shane's Eight-Heart Event

Here are the times and locations for you to activate Shane’s Heart events in Stardew Valley to reach the Eight-Heart Event:

  1. Two HeartsEnter the Cindersap Forest south of the player’s farm from 8 PM to 12 AM.
  2. Three Hearts: Shane will send the recipe for Pepper Poppers in the mail and becomes less hostile toward you.
  3. Four Hearts: Enter Marnie’s Ranch anytime.
  4. Six Hearts: Enter Cindersap Forest from 9 AM to 8 PM on a rainy day.
  5. Seven Hearts (Part 1): Enter Marnie’s Ranch with Shane at home.
  6. Seven Hearts (Part 2):
    • Enter the town from 10 AM to 4 PM when it is not raining. 
    • You need to have a 2-Heart Friendship Level with Emily and Clint.
  7. Seven Hearts (Part 3): Shane will send the recipe for Strange Bun in the mail.

Once your friendship with Shane reaches Eight Hearts, you must trigger his Eight-Heart event.

Visit Marnie’s house while Shane is present to initiate a special cutscene. Jas will lead you to the back room of the house, where Shane will introduce you to Charlie, his beloved white chicken, and express his deep affection for the other blue-feathered companions as well.

After this cutscene, Blue Chicken has the chance to appear on your farm if hatched or purchased.

Acquiring Blue Chickens

After fulfilling the requirements and unlocking Blue Chickens, you can now focus on obtaining them for your farm. There are two primary methods to acquire these exceptional chickens, both with a chance of obtaining a Blue Chicken.

Incubating Eggs

One method involves hatching Blue Chickens through the use of an incubator in your barn. Upgrade your Stardew Valley’s Coop to a Big Coop to gain access to this valuable tool. This upgrade can be obtained by providing Robin with 400x Wood, 150x Stone, and 10,000g.

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Once your coop is upgraded, place white or brown eggs in the incubator. Each egg has a 25% chance of hatching into a beautiful blue chicken. Patience is vital, as it takes approximately six days for the eggs to hatch.

Purchasing Blue Chickens

Another way to acquire Blue Chickens is by purchasing them directly from Marnie’s Ranch. When you approach Marnie to buy a chicken, pay attention to the prompt asking you to choose a coop.

While the message typically refers to White or Brown Chickens, occasionally, it will specify a Blue Chicken.

If the prompt does not mention a Blue Chicken, exit the screen and speak to Marnie again until the Blue Chicken appears. Select a coop, and voila! Your new Blue Chick will eagerly await its new home.

Blue Chicken Farming

Now that you have acquired Blue Chickens, it’s time to focus on raising them effectively on your farm. Consider the following points:

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Maturation and Egg Production

Once your Blue Chick hatches or is purchased, they mature into adult chickens within three days if fed daily. Providing them with regular feed is crucial to maintain their health and happiness.

Happy and well-fed adult Blue Chickens will lay white eggs daily, which can be utilized in various ways, including consumption, selling for profit, or processing into the valuable Artisan Good, Mayonnaise.

(But how to feed chickens in Stardew Valley? Explore next!)

Integration with Coop Management

Ensure that your Blue Chickens have a suitable and well-maintained coop. Keep an eye on the coop’s cleanliness and provide ample nesting boxes and feed troughs to accommodate their needs. Proper coop management will improve your blue chickens’ overall productivity and well-being.


By unlocking and acquiring blue chickens in Stardew Valley, players can add a touch of elegance and distinction to their virtual farms [1].

Through building a solid friendship with Shane and witnessing his Eight-Heart event, the path to obtaining blue chickens becomes accessible. If you want to incubate eggs or purchase them from Marnie’s Ranch, you can enjoy the beauty and productivity of these unique avian creatures!

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